The New Ratting Meta

Quick note – New book out, as you can see to your right. Some may enjoy the ride. Once again, HONEST reviews will be greatly appreciated.

Yes, the company that brought you the AFKtar has done it again. In true CCP “Whoops we didn’t mean for that to happen, but it’s PVE and Eve is a PVP game, so we’ll let it ride” fashion, those crazy Vikings have unleashed a new ISK printing machine upon null-sec. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 58 million ISK bounty tick, 174 million ISK per hour per character ratting machine:


The Thanatos

That’s right, those Stratios’ just ain’t gonna cut it anymore, I’m afraid. You want to gank ratters, you gonna need some friends. That’s given most of the current ratting ship gankers a problem, hasn’t it? Ah well, social skills can’t be that hard. Some of their school friends have got some.

With a blingy fit that will set you back a cool 3 billion ISK, this thing will pay for itself after 17 hours use. When I bought mine, I knew something was up as soon as I looked at the hull price.

“1.5 billion ISK?” I asked on comms. “What’s up with the price of Thanatos’ these days?” I think you could hear my bum slam shut from America.

This question netted me the above figures from one of our guys who had just started tinkering with his carrier, as you do. Now, this weapon is no AFK ship, that’s for sure. But, seeing as how one of these can bring in what an AFKtar does in 30% of the time, it’s not a bad trade-off. Add to that the fact that a Thanatos can melt a well-tanked PVP battleship very quickly, can web and point with support fighters and blap frigates, and a Stratios? Hehehe…just no.

It can carry 87 fighters in it’s bay, and fighters don’t exactly melt like normal drones. I have absolutely no idea what these things are like in PVP, but I’d hazard a guess that, with Fax machine support, they’d be fairly nasty.

Why just the Thanatos? Well, because of the 5% per skill level bonus to fighter damage one gets from the Gallente carrier skill. It also has a 2.5% bonus per level to fighter hit-points. The Nidhoggur gets the same fighter damage bonus, plus a 2.5% bonus to fighter velocity, but it has 2 less low slots, which is where the 4 DDAs go. So that means a shield tank, which mid-slots are needed for drone tracking and speed mods. All those Chimeras the Goons used to use? Not so much. The Archon’s a nope as well.

The Thanny, though, can give the 4,000 DPS threshold a nudge. Plus, you can still fit a reasonable tank, not that anyone can stay on the field with this for very long anyhow. And that’s the big difference, you see. Carriers used to be fairly defenseless against most things, but the new fighter mechanics have shaken that up. Add in the ability to use drone damage mods to boost fighter stats, and a carrier becomes a head-scratch for any small gang to kill.

What does this mean for the future? It’s hard to say. I guess roaming gangs will get bigger, loss-mails will become funnier (let’s face it, Thannys are going to die in good numbers once everyone gets on the bandwagon but has no clue how to use them), and cloaky campers will get to watch more YouTube while they wait for something they CAN kill.

I guess the big question is, will CCP do anything to alter this situation? Well, the AFKtar still works as intended, although the odd capital NPC sure does make a mess of one. That means that for all the years the AFKtar has been king of the ratting hill, CCP has done nothing to stop it. Only as a side effect of fixing their dominance of the PVP arena. If this holds true of the Thanatos, maybe the nerf they get to their PVP ability will have a side effect on this beast as well. If they are OP for PVP, that is. Maybe someone could advise of that situation in the comments below.

The citadel expansion was a big one, and they have plenty more changes in the pipeline, so maybe this will get overlooked in the avalanche of nerfs that are going to be needed PVP wise.

In the meantime, I know there are some guys running six of these things at once. Now that’s what I call a click-fest. However, that’s just over 1 billion ISK per hour, so I can see why they do it. That, and the fact that 6 of these things could really ruin a gang’s roam for the night, couldn’t they?

Maybe there’s an answer out there. Perhaps bomber gangs will see a rise in popularity? To be honest, I’m not the one to ask about PVP. The only thing about Eve PVP I find interesting is the denial of it to others. But, I’ll sure be keeping an eye on the kill-boards, to see how these things get killed.

On another note, those rumors still abound about the death of cloaky camping on the horizon. Something to do with a new structure, apparently. I was disappointed that CCP didn’t run with the idea of being able to scan a cloaky ship, but only with a hour or so of work to accomplish it. I would’ve done little else; I love scanning. Still, I’m sure the campers will find another way to get their thrills. Perhaps in space less well defended? I had heard the new surveillance system might need good indices in a whole constellation to be effective. I believe it tied into the availability of local, too. That might prove interesting, don’t you think?


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