Time For a Catch-up

Well, it’s been a while between posts, but that’s due to the work required on the third novel, so it’s a bit of a trade-off in writing time, I guess. Time for a quick update, I decided. So, what’s been happening in Eve?

The big update is out, of course; plenty of patches to fix the bugs from the update on the patch that was supposed to fix the bugs with the patch; or something like that. FozzieSov has taken the sovereignty map, chewed it up, spat it out, chewed it some more, swallowed it, and then let nature take its course and its now come out the other end looking like one would expect; a great big mess.

I left the game for a few months, when I first saw the usual signs that things were a few months away from turning to custard up north. I am now 3 from 3 in seeing the writing on the wall. This time, however, I would much rather I was wrong. 30Plus was, without a doubt, the best corp and the best time I ever had in Eve, and I’ve had some very good times over the years. But, they are a solid part of a sovereignty alliance, now, and I have no wish to play the game that way again, ever.

About a month or so ago, I decided it was time to undock again. I jumped back into high sec just as the first refugees from the war in Branch arrived in system. Most of my mates from before 30Plus had parked their assets in the same system as me when they went to Branch, so we all ended up there, with some new faces who were now part of the gang, too. We hung out and ran some level 4s, and that novelty lasted about twenty minutes.

So, with us kicking around in the worst part of Eve, and with 30Plus in flux along with the rest of the north, I decided to try and rent a system in the south for a month, and see what happened. I told everyone that myself and one other guy were off to rent from our lovely Russian cousins, and things kind of gathered momentum from there. I am truly staggered at what has developed. It makes a good story, so I’ll fill you in.

I arrived in our shiny new system. Full of excitement at getting back to good times, I was soon brought down to Earth. Our system was reinforced; the station, the TCU, and the I-hu…oh, wait, there’s no I-hub. Right, this looks promising. Getting convoed repeatedly by people wanting to know what we were up to and could they join us while trying to get answers from other people (whose English not so good probably is) was tiring, to say the least.

It turns out that Alternate Allegiance and the Drone Walkers, two alliances who had an understanding with our new landlords, apparently  decided to join everyone else (including old John three doors down and his dog Rex) in shooting Goons. They had promptly been asked by our new landlords “Hey, not to do that please with the pew pew on our good friends up North”. Our landlords got told to go do rude things to goats (or something like that), and ALTs people started to run around with the magic wand of sovereignty making, reinforcing all the things. I got linked this pic the other day, and I think it sums it up nicely:


The rotten buggers even wanded our system again. I didn’t like that very much. So, I got my own magic wand of sovereignty making and started unreinforcing all the things. Due to the different time zones, I won the wand wars (yay me!) and got some of the more…adventurous…guys down to help put an i-hub in and get the system upgraded and so on.We got the ADMs up in short order, and that put an end to the wand wars. Pity, really, I was enjoying having someone to annoy.

Much fun was had getting an i-hub, let me tell you. Genius me scanned a wormhole (essential logistics route when you live in the ass end of nowhere) and we got a hauler inside with the i-hub in it. One of our guys warped the hauler over to the exit hole, only to discover the wormhole I’d found was small ships only. Suggestions of flying the hauler at it really fast to force it through, use of angle-grinders and oxy-torches to make it bigger and ideas involving implements of questionable legality all flew left and right, but in the end we beat a retreat back into high-sec and eventually found a wormhole that would let the hauler through the next day.

Note to self, when you right click and show info on a wormhole, check the size of ships it will let through; just because your Astero fits, doesn’t mean bigger stuff will. I have managed to strand myself in high-sec three times already, and I have no doubt that won’t be the last time it happens. I seem to have a knack for finding wormholes that close behind me.

As we got settled in, more guys started to turn up, and we now have two systems upgraded and are starting to have some fun once more. I suddenly find myself the CEO of something that is a bit of a cross between the Rat Pack and Gilligan’s Island. The beautiful thing about this gang is that we all know each other well, need no rules to guide us and all pitch in when something needs doing.

Will it last? Probably not. In Eve, nothing lasts forever. But, we had two brilliant years in 30Plus, and we’ll get the most fun we can out of this corp, too, until things go south.

The first corp meeting went well. It was decided that we didn’t really need corp meetings, some played World of Tanks, some played World of Warships and the rest tried to kill a capital NPC for about an hour. (score at half time was – NPC: 1 Ishtar, home side: 0)

I told the boys that whatever they bring down here is a right-off; all the good stuff stays in high-sec. All that’s really meant is that we’ve left all our existing shinies in high-sec and bought heaps more shiny stuff and brought that down instead.

The FozzieSov adjustments aren’t over yet, and things look to be getting livelier where we are. Interesting times ahead.


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