Us And Them

“Forward he cried, from the rear, and the front rank died,

And the general sat, as the lines on the map, moved from side to side…” – Us and Them, Pink Floyd.

I had the opportunity, many years ago, to listen to an interview with Roger Waters on the radio. He explained his thinking behind the lyrics quoted above. The us and them mentality, he indicated (this is a rough estimation of his words, not a quote), is what is at the heart of the Earth’s problems. The ceaseless promotion of disunity by the world’s governments and media, via the hate of others dissimilar to ourselves, is what prevents humanity from correcting the destination towards which our planet currently hurtles.

As in real life, so it is in Eve. The assorted media sites are busy bolstering their ranks for the conflict that rages in the north of the null-sec map. Finger pointing, historical (or hysterical, depending on your viewpoint) diatribes and revelations of treachery abound. CCP have jumped on the bandwagon, eager to promote the destruction of the Emporium for all the renewed interest in Eve it’s able to generate.

A solid indication of CCP’s favor is in the avoidance of the use of the term “Money-badger”, which may carry connotations of their awareness of naughtiness in the south. So, they’ve latched onto the label “World War Bee”, which shows everyone what they intend to acknowledge this war as all about; Goon-bashing. Undoubtedly, CCP is more than happy to see the kid in the wizard hat lose most of his empire, and thus usher in a new era of instability and conflict in the north.

Mittens, however, isn’t out of the fight yet. Ever the pragmatist, he’s way ahead of the pack. The super fleet is already in low-sec, and plans are in place for a fighting withdrawal into the same region. Oh yes, the Money-badger coalition will take the north, and they’ll take all of it. Mainly because Mittens is going to let them. Because he’s a politician, through and through. Lesser intellects want to win fights, stomp on their enemies and take regions; politicians think way ahead of such tiny-minded goals.

Fozziesov has introduced the most one-sided sovereignty system ever. It’s the attackers that have the giggles, and the defenders would have more fun digging their brain out through their left ear piece-by-piece with a spork. Nobody knows this better than those who have held space since the changes. Indeed PL, NC., and many others decided that holding space outwardly (as opposed to via rental alliance programs – Mittens dropped the ball there, big time) was a stupid idea and dropped sovereignty, selling it to many who then had to learn the hard way that they’d been sold a pup.

So, Mittens has learned, too. And he intends to use that knowledge to his personal advantage.

Let’s divert for a minute. It hasn’t gained much attention, but recently the Emporium’s “New” Russian allies moved over 1,000 capitals to within jump range of the fighting. Thus, they have nullified PL and NC.’s super fleets. The Emporium’s supers may be out of null-sec, but you can bet they’re not out of jump range, either.

No, Mittens will sit in low-sec, sending out the interceptor and bomber fleets with which to destabilize everyone stupid enough to actually take sovereignty in the scorched earth the Emporium leaves behind. Except, that is, for whichever region the Russian “Allies” have named as the price of their fealty (I’m tipping it’s Branch, but that’s my personal guess). The rest of the north will burn. We all know PL and NC., along with the low-sec crowd, have no interest in holding space. So, this will be sub-caps; mostly fast, small and cloaky stuff. The absolute maximum would be some carriers and dreads only. Which is fine by most people, but it has a use-by date.

Yes, with the introduction the PassiveISK2000 (otherwise known as the citadels), the super fleets will once more be the way sovereignty is decided. At that point, everyone shifts the deck chairs once again, don’t they? CCP have done well out of all this. The current battles will be succeeded (with suspiciously convenient timing) by the fights over the passive ISK fountains to be erected wherever space can be made tough enough to keep them.

I mean, let’s not be dim about this. Anyone who has played Eve for long enough knows that the real use of supers and titans is to prevent fights, not promote them. The Russians moving those big toys within range of the north is not with the intent to use them, is it? No, it’s to send a message to PL and NC. “You so much as cyno in a super fleet and you’ll be double ended.” It’s the Eve equivalent of the old MAD system the real world governments use. So, once the ISK printers go live, and with the Emporium pared down to a roughly equal size with the rest, the big entities will park their super fleets in their various safe areas and continue with the proxy wars that bring in the cash for the deserving few.

And the punters are happy to go along with the narrative; hurf-blurf their meaningless little points of view into the comments sections of the equally meaningless media site articles. It never ceases to amaze me how passionately the leaders are able to incite the troops. Mittens uses the us and them mantra to the best effect possible, and that’s no surprise at all. By doing so, he also hands the opposition just the thing they need to do the same.

The generals cry ‘forward!’ from the rear, and the front rank will die; over and over again. CCP will tweak and twiddle to keep the lines on the map shifting from side to side, and once again Eve is kept alive on the backs of the true believers.

Good on them all, I say. As long as they all follow the script, the game continues on, allowing myself and many others to do what we wish, and watch from the sidelines. Now, where’s my hat and scarf, my whistle and my banner?


One response to “Us And Them

  1. The difference is that the bulk of the Imperium have got used to shitting where they eat – which is the purpose of sov for them.

    So if the Goons adopt this model, the Goons are going to be a whole lot smaller.


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