Who Knows Where The Truth Lays?

Very little in this world is clear. One man’s truth is another man’s lies. So it is in the murky world of null-sec politics. What is really going on in the North? I sure as hell don’t have a clue.

Layers upon layers, that’s the problem. The word just reached my ears that Branch is under siege, which I am yet to read about on the big 3 propaganda sites. At least one system is reinforced, 30 billion lost in one fight and FCON damage control overheated. The Emporium is under pressure, there’s no two ways about it.

However, there’s those damned layers, isn’t there? The good old boys in both NC. and PL are renowned for exit stage lefts with a fat back pocket, if you get my meaning, and it may be that this is all just a nudge to Mittens that it’s time to cough up again. If that be the case, then the poor low-sec sods who are allied with them are about to find out what it’s like to fight alongside the most self-serving and unprincipled gits in the game.

Of course, that’s unlikely to bother them, much. They got a pile of gudfites, which is what low-sec people want from Eve. They also got to poke Mittens where it hurts, at least in their mind. I personally doubt he spilled so much as a drop of champagne as he surveyed the battlefield from the white tent on the distant ridge. Interesting enough to see that the Emporium is still getting the floor mopped with their greasy heads after so much time fighting these guys. Most wars they whelp hilariously for a week or so before they wake up and smell the roses. Maybe the roses are late to bloom this year, who knows?

One alternative to this rather predictable outcome is to do with the citadels. You know, those new fountains of passive ISK CCP has introduced in the same manner as a civil service pay rise? With such a huge increase into the coffers of the only two large space holders just over the horizon, it could be PL and NC. would rather Mittens didn’t have too many systems and people with which to fill the coffers to overflowing. The wealth balance must be maintained between the big player organizations, lest Mittens actually win Eve and players dwindle to where everyone’s well starts to dry up.

There is little doubt in my mind that all parties, including CCP, have a weather eye on the main chance. The player organization’s eyes are on the passive ISK source, with which to do…whatever it is they do with those ridiculously huge piles of ISK. I would rather remain at a reasonable distance from any accusations of naughtiness. CCP’s eye, in the meantime, is on keeping said organizations happy, out of fear of a mass unsub.

This interesting idea actually means, of course, that the citadels are already generating content, something I’m sure Reykjavik would be proud of; “Look vot ve’ve aksidentally dun!”

Another possibility is out there, too. The one that is the purpose Evenews24 is pushing; the idea that enough people are annoyed with the forever-teens that they’ve finally reached a critical mass and decided to destroy them. Yeah, I’m not convinced on that one. That may well be what the low-sec guys have in mind, but let’s not forget whose leaders are real life buddies with whose leaders, hmm?

As usual, whatever the top shelf are up to, it’s the line troops who pay the bill. This is one reason when someone says to me, “Why rent?”, I say “Why not?”. This kind of shenanigans is a kick in the teeth to those who don’t realize how the whole sovereignty alliance thing works. I know how it rolls. What? You think the fact that I’m in high-sec and away from game is a coincidence? Okay, it’s your reality, man; whatever floats your dinghy.

I’ve done this before; twice before, actually. Each time, Blastie saw the writing on the wall, and each time, Blastie was the first one out. It’s not an intellectual achievement, really. No reason for me to smug. Each and every time, I happily admit I could have been wrong. However, as time goes by, it looks increasingly like I’ve done it again. It all depends on what is really going on in the smoke-filled rooms higher up. Right now, it’s a toss-up for me. I don’t have a favorite in the race, yet. I mean, the whole thing may be for another reason entirely, couldn’t it?

I felt the jab from Gevlon’s post about citadel tax; it hit me like a poke in the eye. I was waiting for the passive ISK to be redirected. The outcry about moons from those who see the problem for what it is had to be addressed, regardless of the stony silence CCP has met each and every complaint with. That’s the giveaway for the citadel tax; the silence. Nothing on the big 3 propaganda sites, naught more than a few words in the dev blogs. Only Gevlon, a few inconsequential scribbles like this one, and some Reddit and other sewer outlet posts.

This is all classic Yes Minister stuff. Compile a massive report, and sneak the 46% pay rise for civil servants into page 762, right underneath the toilet paper inventory increases. It will be interesting to see if any word comes out on the big sites. As many a Scotsman is reputed to say on such occasions; Ah hae ma doots.

In the meantime, my brothers up in Branch had better slap on the pith helmets and fix bayonets, or find another game for while. I wouldn’t be heralding the falling of the sky just yet; let’s see who ends up doing what to who, shall we?

It all really depends on who is the first one to remember the words Benny Hill once sang: “And do unto others, before they do you!”


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