Go Kill a Bus

30Plus has more than its fair share of decent people. Many are returned servicemen, some work in emergency services, medical, and teaching.

The CEO, Lumpynurse, is, you guessed it, a nurse. More than that, he works the ER ward. In Las Vegas. Imagine that on a Saturday night.

Working in such a stress-filled environment, its little wonder that there’s nothing Lumpy loves more after getting home from a nightmare shift than hopping into an expensive (I kid you not, I mean EXPENSIVE) PVP ship and running around like an idiot until he loses it.

It cost me a few ships to learn that this is actually his favorite Eve play-style. Many’s the time Lumpy would log in, ask who’s up for a roam, only to hear the sound of grown men hiding under their desks.

Thus it was decided that Lumpy should up the ante, all the way to eleven.

Now, take his favorite pastime, losing expensive ships, and combine that with a hand in the fight against a disease he encounters way too often, cancer, and you have this:

The 30Plus cancer fundraiser.

So they’re nearly done in the build process of an Erebus titan, and they’re going to fill it with all sorts of blingy goodies, and drop it into low-sec somewhere. Carriers and possible super-carriers will be there for the popping, too.

So, please get yourselves into the fight, kill a ‘bus and help fight cancer.

I argued for a yellow skin on the Erebus, to make it more like a true short bus, but nobody listens to me…



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