The Vacuum – CCP’s Goal?

There’s some events occurring in Eve that make one wonder as to CCP’s intentions. The storm that brews around the overtly simple re-wording of a passage in the CSM white paper (the document that defines its structure) is of some interest to me. Now, that may seem odd, as I have stated often that I have no interest in said CSM, but bear with me here.

CCP are notorious for their vague and, one might say, indecisive nature when implementation of change is in the wind. Well, they could hardly have been more disingenuous with this one. Those interested may read more here.

What they have done is slip in an exclusion from candidacy of people referred to as “employees of other gaming companies/games/gaming media”. Vague much, no? CCP Leeloo has clarified that Evenews24 and Crossing Zebras are both considered fan-sites. However, she has met queries regarding with a firm “I’ll check with legal and get back to you” response.


Nothing solid can be concluded from that, yet. But, it begs a couple of questions. Is CCP looking to break up the Emporium? Is it in CCP’s and Eve Online’s best interests that the Emporium continue as it is?

One would have to answer maybe to the first, and probably to the second. The Emporium is seen by many as the ultimate conflict stopper in sovereignty null-sec. It used to be the Big Blue Doughnut, but now it’s just the Emporium.

This morning I caught up with this little gem from an old and now very firmly non-Eve playing Goon. I managed to wade through the entire snappy, up to the minute and trendy rant itself, but the comments section was more enlightening than the article.

The animosity and vulgar exchanges display a large amount of dissension in the camp, I would have to say. The Emporium finds itself atop a mound of squabbling overweight forever teens, locked in a nasty “Mittens is my friend” “No he isn’t, he’s my friend” “Well, I invaded Cloud Ring” “No you didn’t I did so nyahh” battle that threatens to clog the servers of many a fan-site, non-fan-site and/or commercial gaming site (I’ll speak to legal and get back to you on that).

Once again, that is not all that is going down in groove town.

Meanwhile, up in Branch…

It is a well-known fact that mixing trained troops, weapons, live ammunition and boredom can be harmful to your health. When the much-lauded FozzieSov went live, Pandemic Legion, Black Legion, NCdot and many more dropped their sovereignty. Twas not for those of the green kill-board cult to sully their ranks with wretched null-bears. If CCP wanted them to rat and mine, CCP could park their sovereignty where the constellations won’t fit easily.

Those same entities now find themselves with much time on their hands, so what’s to do? Well, nobody can kick over our sandcastle, ‘cos we haven’t got one. Hey! look at all those pristine sand castles up in Branch!

The cloaky camping and hot drop club arrived within days of my departure from that area. Maybe they didn’t feel safe until I left, or it was just a coincidence. One of those two is logical, take your pick. Combined with the breathtakingly stupid low-sec deployment preventing home defense PAPs from having any value, and guess what happened to the indices? That’s okay, though, because, as many a knuckle dragging half-wit has said before, men win wars, not indices.

Subsequently, systems in Branch saw their indices drop to the point that some of the local NPC null-sec boys thought it might be a giggle to entosis all the things.

Having a quick peek at the ADMs (activity defense multipliers) for Branch right now, one would have to say that FCON leadership may have concluded that indices don’t win wars, but they do tend to come in handy if you want to…ooh, I don’t know…say…keep your space?

My friends up there tell me that many a piece of paper has been thrown around the room, with plenty of GTF in fleet thrown around on Jabber, in alliance chat and through mails. All of which, as I recall, my old corp was formed to get away from. I have now been accused of being psychic, something I find pretty funny, when you consider that my opinion of such phenomena is that those propounding such nonsense need to step away from the crack pipe.

However, I am fully cognizant of the fact that future events can be extrapolated if one has sufficient experience and knowledge. This is known as common sense, to intelligent people, and labelled as negativity by politicians and marketing types. There are two types of people in this world, folks, positive thinkers, and those without their heads stuck firmly up their asses.

Yes, I left to take a break from Eve, and I am enjoying the experience. But, I would be lying if I said I didn’t think that all this, or something like it, would come to pass.

I was invited by one former corp-mate to laugh and say I told you so, but I declined to do that. Why? Because I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness at the passing of what, for me, was the greatest time in my Eve playing life. FozzieSov held out the promise of a place in sovereignty space for both null-bears and PVPers. CCP made their usual botch of it, but the prospect was there.

It is the players who are to blame, and nobody else. Both the null-bears and the PVPers failed to adapt properly. A post I did a good while back outlined what I saw as the perfect new null-sec alliance. It was my opinion then, and is still my opinion now, that to achieve this, the old alliances will have to be destroyed and rebuilt. Humans simply can’t adapt without being forced to.

The Emporium has clung on for a good while, as I thought they might, but I’m afraid the cracks are starting to widen.

One can only keep a leg on each side for so long…


4 responses to “The Vacuum – CCP’s Goal?

  1. I am probably off the mark, but there seem to be two issues with FossieSov from my perch in High-Sec. The first is that I don’t see many compelling stories about Sov battles any more. The Mechanic doesn’t seem to generate as many tales as Sov previously did. The second is that it has tried to get Carebear and PVPer to co-exist, and I am not sure that is possible. I have certainly seen Alliances and Corporations where they get along – but that generally ends when they come under extended combat pressure. Then the PVPers get frustrated and angry at their counterparts. I have also seen groups that take a Carebear with teeth approach. They tend to hold together better and for longer when they come under combat pressure – but they tend to lose. They can’t compete against the focused PVP groups. CCP probably need a mechanic that caters for both – but favours neither. God knows what that would be – but the Citadels won’t be it.


    • I couldn’t agree more. You hit the nail square on the head. Neither type of alliance can succeed against a dedicated PVP attack, for the reasons you outline. The frustrating thing is, those very same dedicated PVP alliances can boot out the occupant, but neither can they hold sovereignty, because as soon as they try they must do something about the indices themselves.
      Still, the vacuum the collapse of the last hold-out coalition will leave behind may produce some kind of new alliance, but your problem still holds.
      I also agree that citadels won’t do the trick. To be honest, I fail to see how they will actually do anything at all.
      Really, it’s still a griefing game, isn’t it?
      Is that what the Vikings want? No sandcastles at all?
      I’ll admit it, I’m lost.


  2. It is funny. This is what Fozzie-Sov was supposed to generate. The ability for absent space holders to get kicked in the teeth and their space stolen by folks that did want the space. This seems to be accomplished by many asymetric attacks against a larger enemy at the same time, making them have to decide which space to hold and which to give up.

    If I read your post correctly and this is indeed starting… It may be just the time to get back into the game for some fun that will come to us, instead of the boring forever roams.


    • Interesting times ahead ,for sure. The issue is with ANYONE being able to hold ANY space, as once the Emporium goes, the only space left is the Russians territory, which is mostly outer regions of dubious value.
      Smaller entities holding any space is doubtful, as there is nothing stopping one of the dedicated PVP alliances kicking them out for the fun of it.
      Therein, it seems, lies the dreadful imbalance. It’s easy to take space and almost impossible to hold it.


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