Considering Moving On

After the current break from game finishes, I doubt I will head back to FCON. I say that with regret, as 30Plus is without doubt the best time I have ever had in Eve.
The situation is similar to living in a nice house, with great neighbors. One day you wake up and realize that the neighborhood has a rising crime rate, graffiti everywhere and your friends are moving out. 
The Eagles once sang, “You call someplace paradise, you kiss it goodbye.”
Talking to a long time friend the other day, I mentioned this. He pointed out something I had lost sight of. We had 2 long years of being in the best corp we could ever dream of being in.
In an MMO, that is a remarkably long time. 
What happened? Without a doubt in my mind, it was FozzieSov. Then again, maybe this would have happened anyway.
I have been told that I am looking at the past through rose colored glasses.
No, I am not. The problem is that some are happy where they now are. No, scrub that. MOST are happy where they are.
The problem is, I and my closest friends in game are a valuable asset to the corp. But, I am just one guy who is of no significance. left for my own reasons. I need a break from game and I am having one.
Those close friends want me to go back, but it won’t work, because I don’t want to be there.
It’s taken some time to come to write this. I see no reason to put it off, though.
When I return to Eve, I will more than likely head into Russian renter space. The main reason for this is that I have played Eve since February 2009. Nearly all that time has been in renter null sec.
I am a null bear. I don’t go and shoot people, I shoot them if they come to me. I cannot bear alliance crap, in any form.
I want to log in, laugh at my corpies doing stupid things and do some stupid things myself.
I want to turtle up in a distant system and bubble my own undock. I want to see reds typing rage in local about the 32 T2 large bubbles on the gate.
I want to camp a wormhole with capital ships in the hope of catching the poor unfortunate sod who came out of it in a Heron.
Now, you may notice a lot of the above is about me. May I remind you, ITS A GAME. For some odd reason, I am considered somewhat influential in 30Plus. I don’t see that. I joined, I was me, I helped when I could and did my best to help my friends.
I have decided to move on. I left corp on my own. I left behind no angry corp mails, no machinations, and took nothing with me.
Should I be prevented from going where I want because someone else may follow? Am I then a manipulative bastard who is trying to split the corp?
That has been inferred indirectly.
I would strongly recommend that anyone believing that does not contact me.


Now, what’s Russian for don’t shoot my bubbles?


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