The Narrative

For the first time in my Eve life, I feel the influence of something outside of my corp. I have never taken any interest in alliances or coalitions. The reason is simple; the politics is unavoidable.

30Plus was a haven from such things when I joined it. The very purpose of the corp was to offer a shelter, a resting place from all the teen angst and back-room machinations that soil null-sec life.

Unfortunately, CCP thinks these are good things and have never shied away from promoting the game as a political reflection of what they sadly perceive as real life. People play Eve to get involved in these things; to get rich, to gain power, to climb the pixellated greasy pole.

I was one of those who voted for joining FCON. I now think that I did my corp a disservice in doing so. It seemed like a no-brainer. FozzieSov demanded that sovereignty holders actually use their space (oh the humanity!) and it seemed FCON was one of the only alliances with a real plan to adjust and adapt.

To a degree, they did. However, CCP, in their usual way, made a royal mess of FozzieSov. Fozzie has been given a job counting mops in the janitor’s closet, and others are left to justify the outcome, which was very different from it’s intended purpose. For the Emporium, no real threat became no threat at all, as alliances folded up all over the shop. Mittens was left with the very worst situation a leader can face; no enemy.

Enemies are what unite people. Due to humanity’s inherent and mind-boggling stupidity, they are unable to maintain a cohesive society outside of conflict. What was Mittens to do?

Well, we have seen what he’s tried to do, and it’s been hilarious. The Emporium was born, along with a narrative so poorly written and scripted a child could have done better. The problem is, very few, if any, believe it.

Hell, Mittens made it up, so he knows it’s a steaming pile. Rabid forever-teens among the Goon ranks do their best to appear convinced, posting dribbling tirades on the CFC propaganda site, but the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

No group of people can survive with their integrity intact whilst immersed in such an environment. Unfortunately, 30Plus is no exception. In fact, we’re in a worse position, because every single member of our corp lacks the immaturity to swallow the narrative at all.

Yet, to remain in FCON, we must click the PAP links, or face expulsion. This is getting harder to do, as the plot gets ever thinner. Hell, there’s hardly a shiny surface left on the turd Mittens and co. have been frantically polishing for months now. It’s also getting harder to ignore the smell.

Across the Emporium, one can sense the unrest. Many, it would seem, aren’t happy. FCON intends the next deployment to be alliance only, but Mittens won’t wear that. He knows damn well if he doesn’t stop any Emporium alliance doing its own deployment, the members of said alliance will see they can do such things for themselves and have a much better time of it.

The reason for this is the Goons themselves. A coalition deployment with the Emporium is a farce that insults the intelligence of anyone not a Goon. Goon FCs routinely deride their coalition partners, while their IQ sucking depravity grates the nerves of all but the very worst of humanity.

Honestly, I have worked on building sites where these mouth-breathers would be told to tone it down.

The bottom line for me is this; if you’re not working against the problem, you’re part of it. Oh, yes, I’m part of it alright. I have over 60 PAP links that tell me I’m part of it.

But, hold on, I hear you say, you do this for your corp, not the Imperium, right?

True, very true. I love my corp, I really do. I have had the privilege of being part of some truly great corps in the close to 7 years I’ve been playing. 30Plus is by far the best corp I’ve ever been in.

However, here’s the problem. I have this thing that most Goons would be unfamiliar with; it’s called a conscience (look it up, it’s an interesting thing, I promise).

You see, before the United States legitimized self-indulgence in all things by labeling it freedom, people used to be guided by this thing. When conversation dropped below a socially acceptable standard that used to be called decency, this fascinating phenomena would cause your stomach to contract, your face to frown, and your mouth to utter a protest.

In 30Plus, due to the median age of our members, we still have this thing called a conscience. When one of our members starts to exercise his democratic right to be an arsehole, we ask him politely to shut up, to avoid him upsetting his corp-mates.

This is the environment I love; it’s peaceful, soothing, and it allows me to play Eve as a game, and relax while doing so.

However, the corp I love is now in a place I have come to loathe, as it stands for the very opposite. The Emporium stands for greed, depravity, indecency, and the ruination of the game for others.

I am finding it harder and harder to balance the two.

I have the nasty feeling I may be packing soon…


2 responses to “The Narrative

  1. So sadly, this was fairly predictable and I’ve alluded to it in the past about corps like yours – though perhaps not here.

    For the record, I know of your group fairly well, as we used to keep track of you back when you were renting adjacent systems with Twenty Questions (i am willing to bet they are in a similar predicament) as you were always good for provoking into a fight.

    IMO move to wormhole space, you won’t need to be beholden to anyone, it will probably provide exactly the mix of pve and pvp that your members like, with plenty of industrial opportunities also and you’ll have a home you can defend – and which you will get plenty of kudos for defending in the way you do. Given that most of you can fly HACs you will probably have the skill points to fly the T3 comps favored in w-space. Your cap pilots will be able to fly caps in smaller engagements where much more depends on their skills, your Super pilots will probably feel left out unfortunately.


    • Thanks for the insightful comment, it’s very much appreciated. I am actually taking a break from null-sec for a while, and will probably take a break from game. With the ISK I have on hand I can keep my accounts subbed for a long while, probably longer than I will want to be away.
      When I rejoin 30Plus, we will see where they are at. Right now, I have no wish to be where they are anymore, I have never enjoyed alliance life, and the current situation makes null-sec a boring and predictable place. Perhaps there may be others there who are ready for the challenge of wormhole life; I’ll have to wait and see.


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