The Penalty of Maturity

As a person gets older, unless they are a complete imbecile, the consequences and circumstances that life dishes out serve as lessons. These lessons instruct them, and thus they mature. This causes an issue for those that would lead such people. The older we all get, the more difficult it becomes to manipulate us.

Physical fitness is not the only reason military forces recruit young people. Older people tend to want to know why they are killing that man over there, before they start shooting. Some call this being difficult, while others call it the manifestation of wisdom.

Imagine, then, how hard it is for our corp’s leadership to encourage participation in what is, when all is said and done, a farcical deployment. Many of our members are over fifty years old, some older. They run, or have run, their own businesses, hold down leadership positions in real-life companies, and have generally been around the block more than a few times.

Whilst a rambling and virtually incoherent rant from the Mittani may be enough to convince younger players that there is some kind of point to the Imperium’s current deployment, I cannot find a single member of our corp who swallows such obvious rubbish.

Our corp runs on the principle that every member remains free to play Eve as they wish. For us, it has been a recipe for unbridled success. The move to FCON also seemed like a winner. The folding of PBLRD left us bereft of our perfect niche, unless we wished to do a crash course in Soviet politik.

On paper, it should have worked, it really should. FozzieSov brought with it the need for actual occupancy of any space an alliance wished to hold. The promise of citadels pointed to industrial players as necessary components of a successful alliance. The Sovereignty Laser was intended to make home defense the mainstay of alliance PVP for sovereignty holders. This, we thought, was all designed for us.

Then, reality set in. I mean, we should have known, we really should. How often have CCP set out to implement change, only to achieve a result as convincing as a telemarketer? As usual, the player base took hold of FozzieSov and exposed it for the big steaming pile it has indeed turned out to be.

Alliances discovered that home defense was no big issue, because, under FozzieSov, nobody wants the space. The Imperium discovered themselves the victims of their own success, with entosis attacks on valuable space about as frequent as Canadian road rage. Thus it was that in civilized space, boredom started to do its work among the rank and file.

It was decided that FozzieSov was not going to change the old way of doing things at all. Deployments were still the way to go, and all the opposition could possibly do in our home space was shoot PVE ships, which, at the alliance level, is financially irrelevant and a non-event in and of itself.

The major issue was, where to deploy to? The old bogey-man alliances the CFC had fought for years had emo-rage-quit sovereignty space, and everyone knows you don’t shoot the Russians, lest they stop shooting each other.

So we have this current deployment. A farcical response to a troll; a toe to toe with a supposedly organized opposition, who were, in reality, a metric ton of Griffins and little else. Now, our guys are dragged screaming into low-sec, there to feed the coffers of the FC’s who whelp fleets of ships they and their buddies just happen to supply.

Thus it is that we are supposed to coax our members into a fight that cannot possibly be justified to anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size. Some of our guys are going anyway, for the sake of the corp, but it chafes that they have to.

The whole situation is ludicrous, and it leads one to wonder; just what is it that Mittens & co. are trying to achieve here? If it’s to cause dissension among the coalition, as a precursor to solidifying Goonswarm by turning on their so-called allies, then it’s working.

I can sort of see this, because any entity requires an enemy to remain cohesive, and this is the Imperium’s biggest problem. How convenient, then, to reset a former ally and, hey presto! a new enemy! It all sounds like it has a bit too much tinfoil in it to me, though. But, the possibility remains plausible, at least to my way of thinking.

Whatever the truth may be, it all goes on at levels way above the head of a pleb like me. However, if I were in the leadership of any of the Imperium’s alliances outside of Goonswarm, I would be looking over my shoulder.

After all, they are Goons…


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