The Turning of the Screw

Slight diversion first – I have just published my second novel, this one a science fiction book. The link is on the right, price will be for free as of the 12th December 2015. I hope anyone who does read it gets some enjoyment from doing so. Feel free to post an HONEST review if so inclined, thank you.

Now, on with the post.

As was to be expected, Eve News24 has returned fire on Sion’s latest tirade, and it is an interesting read.

What leapt off the virtual page at me was this quote:

“The theme of this year’s Goonswarm Alliance presentation is going to be Goonswarm hates you – and basically just talk about each different little aspect of demographic of eve of how much we hate them and want them all to die and kill themselves. Like highsec miners, we want them to kill themselves; people who role-play, we want them to kill themselves; people with Titans, we want them to kill themselves. There’s just a whole host of people I hope to really offend by telling them to commit suicide while on stage in front of thousands of nerds.” – The Mittani, 2012.
I hadn’t seen this before, so I was a bit taken aback. I mean, if Mittens actually wrote this, I cannot for the life of me see why he would even bother to try to legitimize his organization just three years later. A public declaration like this (even though it was not intended for public consumption – when you’re a public figure, you own what you write) is not something you walk away from.
I tend to shy away from judgement of others as best I can, though like all humans I have weaknesses, one of which is to be grumpy. However, I’ll not pass judgement on the Mittani; he and Goonswarm are what they are; they are on the other side of a very big ocean and therefore largely none of my business.
What Mittens has to realize, though, is that everyone has an opinion. Trying to marginalize everyone who holds a different opinion to your own is generally thought of as a bad idea. To do so on such a scale as the aforementioned quote, though, is counterproductive to a massive degree.
I’m struggling to discern where the Imperium is headed, to be honest. Seraph IX Basarab would have us believe the Imperium is done for, and Goonswarm is on the decline. There have been rumors floating around that Mittens is cashing out in 6 months time because of the changes citadels will bring, but I just don’t know whether to put any stock in any of that.
Heading into low-sec is producing the usual result, and we all know that it will be situation normal as soon as the Imperium forces run out of ships to lose and leave. To take a wider view, the title of this post is in reference to the game, not the Imperium.
I have, as do most in null-sec, a trade alt in Jita. Whenever I log her in, I expect to see from 1500 to 2000 in local. Lately, that has dropped to around 600 to 850.
The decline Seraph is pointing to with Goonswarm could well be just a simple reflection of the decline of the game overall. I still hold that CCP are ignoring the main things that are detrimental to the game’s longevity. High-sec isn’t, bumping physics are absurd, and proliferation of evasive ships runs directly counter to the aging game population.
I don’t know, maybe CCP has written off the existing player base, in the hopes of attracting a younger, more click-happy FPS based crowd. It’s one hell of a gamble, though. They need to reflect on the loyalty they have had from the existing players, who have endured years of faulty, glitchy mechanics in the hope it’ll be fixed soon™, and compare that to the well-known fickleness of the itchy-twitchy set.
As yet more frigates get added to the game, literally by the dozen, one has to wonder how long older players with high skills could be bothered trying to fight the flood of evasive and troll-based ships.
The existing player base has one reason for sticking to this game, and that is their corps. This should be a wake up call to CCP; the one thing that is holding their players to the game is the one thing they actually have no control over – people. If the situation goes on, with people now leaving at an increasing rate, there could possibly be enough lack of social interaction that some other game becomes more attractive. What game, though?
This is CCP’s biggest advantage; there is no other game out there that offers what Eve does – yet.
Maybe the cries of Eve is dying over the last decade have hardened the hearts of CCP management. The boy who cried wolf comes to mind. One version of that story ends with a village elder telling the naughty shepherd boy, “Nobody believes a liar…even when he is telling the truth!”
The moral of the story is to not tell lies, of course. However, CCP may want to take note of the fact that the time came when the shepherd boy was telling the truth.
All the sheep were lost, and my bet is that the sheep belonged to the village, not the shepherd boy…

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