More From the Angry Little Man

He’s done it again. Sion Kumitomo has published another tome signed by ‘Angry from Goonswarm’. This latest rant is aimed in a broad spread pattern against those writers who claim the recent actions of the Imperium are against the interests of the Eve community as a whole.

I would recommend that Mittens wake up and get this particular writer to learn some restraint, before he starts to do some real damage.

Sion’s previous post was little more than a petulant lashing out at those who chose not to support the failed and now infamous book kick-starter. This young man needs to broaden his mind a little, and realize that there is no shame in trying and failing. True shame comes from never trying at all, and you can take that from me, because I’ve failed more than most.

To my way of thinking, Mittens could have handled the demise of the project a little better himself. After all, saying ‘It was my fault for listening to the people who got it wrong’ does not convey the same humility as simply saying, ‘I got it wrong’. A good leader carries the burden of his people’s failures on his own shoulders, and does not publicly call others out. But, that is his choice, and he wears whatever comes from it.

Sion, on the other hand, reminds one of a yapping chihuahua, pouring out angst and savagery on everyone not his own. His style gives the impression of an angry young man, with a very black and white outlook on life. His inability to rationalize criticism is something he will need to shed, if he wishes to continue to share his views in written form with the outside world.

I would like to address just a couple of lines from this latest torrent of hate, because I find them particularly offensive. Let’s start with this little chestnut:

“Despite the sheer size of the Imperium and how many players we represent, they have taken the intellectually courageous step of implicitly—and in some cases explicitly—saying that we are not part of “the community.”” (underlining mine)

Okay, hold on a minute there, son. The Oxford dictionary defines a coalition thus: “A temporary alliance for combined action, especially of political parties forming a government”

So, let me say this loud and clear; the leadership of the newly re-branded CFC do NOT represent the member players outside of Goonswarm. The Imperium is an alliance of alliances, allowing all members of said coalition the enjoyment of privileges brought about by their coming together.

I am a member of the Imperium, through my corporation being a member of FCON, who is an Imperium member alliance. I am NOT a bloody Goon, boy, and your fetid opinions in no way represent what I think or feel. You and your ilk do not represent me, in any way, shape or form.

Now, let’s look at the second part of that statement, the bit about “We” not being part of the community. Sion, old son, you boys say that yourself ALL THE BLOODY TIME!

“We’re not here to ruin the game, just your game,” remember? The very nature of that statement is self-exclusive. Goonswarm most definitely is a community, and they’re welcome to it. As I have stated previously, they have gone out of their way to stand apart from the wider Eve player-base, and remain an exclusive group of people.

The Imperium is not a community, though; it is a coalition. The other alliances within the Imperium are not Goons, and never will be (thankfully).

I personally do not recall ‘invoking the community’, but I acknowledge that somewhere in my ramblings I may have. I would not even consider myself representative of the members of my corp. Many of the bloggers Sion decided to hurl grape-shot at do not claim to represent the community, either, he’s the one doing that.

Now, let’s look at this little bit, which follows a pointed attack on Reddit/Eve (which anyone with an IQ larger than his shoe size already knows is heavily anti-Goon):

“To preempt cries of “What about Karmafleet?”, let me again reiterate the definition of a community: shared values, shared cause.”

Sion said it himself; shared values, shared cause, that is the definition of a community. Yeah, well, the Imperium only fills 50% of that criteria, unfortunately. Shared cause? Maybe.

Shared VALUES?! Are you out of your tiny little freaking mind?

I have to ask, do the members of Goonswarm not realize that there may be a few in the Imperium that don’t share their values? Good God, man! Have you heard yourselves in a fleet? Even the ‘No Chatter’ Mumble channel is no sanctuary from the disgusting ramblings of these college kids that forgot to grow up. To quote Jeff Daniels in a now famous piece of rare American honesty: “You are a member of the worst, period, generation, period, ever, period.”

That video highlights the problem perfectly. Just like the American people at large (no pun intended), the members of Goonswarm have fallen into the trap of believing their own propaganda. By a number of different metrics, Goonswarm is, indeed, the most powerful alliance in the game. But its social standards are, to say the least, appalling. What its members consider edgy and modern repartee is, to many, deplorable and the stuff of social outcasts.

Goonswarm is where it is today thanks to a very well-run organizational structure, a polarizing and canny political figurehead, and a blue list that encompasses a large percentage of null-sec. That is the reality.

Sion needs to step back, and maybe take a good, hard, look at this which he declares a “Community”. It is not even close to that. It is a marriage of convenience, upon which Goonswarm’s power lies. And that is an important fact to ponder; Goonswarm forsook its independent power base a long time ago. It would be wise for Sion Kumitomo to remember that. Spewing a torrent of hate on the very people who keep you in power is not a clever idea. It is self-destructive.

In fact, both of his posts are so counter-productive and politically suicidal that one is left to ponder where his actual loyalties lay. If they lay where he so vociferously claims they do, he needs to do just one thing:

Shut up.


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