Passive Resistance

Ever since Goonswarm became the predominant entity in Eve, they have employed weaponized boredom to achieve their goals. Crushing the spirit of the line members of enemy ranks by denial of fights has proven to be an effective tool, with many campaigns fizzling out to victory after the opposition simply lost the will to log in.

This time around, though, I get the impression that Mittens is in danger of turning that gun upon himself. The whole viceroy arrangement is fraught with danger, unless it is a simple troll and cash-grab.

When someone makes a threat, they have to be prepared for when the one being threatened turns around and challenges their ability to do as they say. But, what if the one being threatened simply logs out? Scooter McCabe had his first attempt posted to Reddit. To sum up, the person contacted just told him to get stuffed, albeit in quite an amusing fashion.

There’s two areas to consider, here. First, there is the control of sovereignty null-sec that the Imperium doesn’t actually hold. To impose their will, they will first have to take the sovereignty off the current residents.

I have experienced FozzieSov first-hand, and I have to say, I finally understand why our space is never threatened. To take another entity’s space is soul-crushing boredom in a tin. The whole idea behind FozzieSov is that, for an entity to capture a system, they must hold the grid through combat. Our coalition is thousands strong, and regularly fields fleets in excess of one hundred pilots. Brave has just over 700 members. Yet, with just a handful of pilots and a large collection of griffins, they have turned what should be a walk in the park into a grind of teeth-gnashing frustration.

FozzieSov is an awful arrangement that makes offense and defense equally miserable. What this has done is made every alliance in sovereignty null-sec sit on their space and remain as inactive as possible, combat wise.

Right now, the Imperium is able to muster the forces necessary to capture Cloud Ring. It is, however, mind-numbing tedium and cannot last. Everyone will burn out. One particular problem is the time involved. Fleets are three to four hours long, and that is a major problem. Because Eve players in general are older; they have kids, wives, jobs, careers, and, well, lives. To ask your members to sit in front of a computer for four hours non-stop, aside from being incredibly unhealthy, is going to wear thin with said members very quickly.

The second area is NPC null-sec, and low-sec. Here, the space itself is not up for grabs, so the Imperium will need to bash POSes to make their presence felt.

Those that would oppose the Imperium in the coming days have the very best weapon right at their fingertips; weaponized boredom. Let the Imperium threaten and cajole to their heart’s content. As one commentator noted on a recent article on The Mittani, a POS costs less than one T3 cruiser. So the Imperium must risk over one hundred of these ships to twice shoot a POS that the owner can simply put back up when they’re gone.

I believe that this is bound to happen, if Mittens truly intends to pursue this course. People will simply safe up, dock up, or log off. They’ll wait until it’s safe and then rebuild. Mittens may tell himself he’s got thousands of pilots, but the truth is not that simple. He has thousands of potential pilots; provided he can get those pilots to keep logging in, something they will not do if it’s to be yet another round of shoot-the-POS or node whack-a-mole.

The “enemies” of the Imperium (literally everyone else) has no need to band together and give Mittens the content he wants. But, they have no reason to give him a brass razoo either. The faithful paint a two-sided picture; pay us or fight us, you have no choice.

Yeah, sorry, but my response to that would be simple – bollocks.

Here, you come to our space, reinforce and then destroy our stuff. Meanwhile, we’ve safed up all our assets and are off playing other games until you bugger off.

It just doesn’t work, does it? The plan relies on third parties that want to come in and hold the space; paying the Imperium for the privilege to do so. Who are these people? Why are they not already part of the Imperium? I mean, why would you want to pay for the “privilege” of holding space and avail yourself of a fraction of the benefits open to full Imperium members, instead of just joining an Imperium alliance?

You would still be an enemy of everyone not in the Imperium, but pay tithes, moon-goo and other goods, while still defending your space with no assistance.

I’m sorry, but this is either a simple troll, or a very poorly thought through idea.

If I were Mittens, I would let this one join the book kick-starter under the rug. Let’s just pretend that both never happened, hmm?


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