Run, Run, Run around the Desert.

It started with cloaking devices. Then came the cloaky, interdiction nullified T3 cruisers. Then the interdiction nullification of interceptors and the changes to warp speed mechanics. Then came the T3 destroyers. Mixed into that was FozzieSov. Now, even energy neutralizers and Nosferatu are going to get kitey goodness.

What has emerged is the death of Eve PVP. CCP have killed the goose that laid the golden egg, and I seriously doubt they will revive it from here.

Short sighted greed, along with a healthy dose of fear, has seen them destroy the one thing that made Eve Online great; the significance of loss.

FozzieSov didn’t work, you see. Aggressive PVP in null-sec now consists of forming fleets to travel miles away to reinforce a POS that nobody defends, because they can just throw up another one. Home defense is largely shrugged off, because a) the hostiles are in ships we’ll never catch, and b) they’ll go away if we let them kill a ratting ship or two.

The gankers aren’t here for the long haul. They’re kids, and they’ll move on to another game in no time flat. They turn up, run around and kill PVE ships, then cloak up and go AFK, or chicken log. They log in and run away just before, or after, downtime. To be honest, we don’t bother with them anymore. I watched a gang turn up last night, in a decent setup that we could have engaged, but nobody could be arsed. “They’ll just log,” was the general consensus. So their scout ran around for an hour or so, they got nothing, and they left.

The players in general simply don’t want to fight, if I’m to be honest. Hey, that’s always been the case, in reality. Everyone wants to blow up other people, not get blown up. The problem CCP has created for themselves is that, with the amount of kiting and high speed evasion capabilities out there now, nobody has to lose anything.

I’m sure, deep in his heart, even Gobbo knows his campaign is worthless. PVE ships are expendable, and those that lose them generally do so with a replacement ready to fly. Hell, even the multiple billion ISK PVE ships are considered expendable.

There was a time when CEOs would have an aneurysm if a corp member lost a carrier. Now, I’ve seen one player lose two in one day with nary a comment, even in the fetid sewer of teen angst that is alliance chat.

The growing problem is, even the gankers are waking up. They’re bored with the green kill-board full of PVE ships that they now know means nothing. They put in the time and effort to roam into hostile space, but they are coming to the realization that it all means zero. I’m sure, at one time, they saw the cries of their irrelevance as tears, but unfortunately, they really are irrelevant, now.

FozzieSov did nothing to open up null-sec. NOTHING.

All it did was cause the large entities to either contract into impenetrable fortresses, or leave sovereignty holding altogether and go into the business of keeping the remaining areas of sovereignty null-sec empty. The sovereignty laser was a joke. We all prepared, we really did. I went round and made Entosis bookmarks off every structure in our area. We’ve never used them.

Now, there are small areas (and one not so small) of space that are richer and safer than high-sec, and by a wide margin. The rest, though, is just a wasteland of empty systems. Why?

Why does no one move into these empty areas and start to expand into new alliances? Well, for anyone with more than a few months experience in null-sec, that should be painfully obvious.

Let’s say John Smith and his handful of friends decide to go for it. They form John Smith Alliance, and head deep into null-sec, out into the far reaches of the Eve universe. There they set up a POS (Citadel in six months time) and get to work ratting and mining, virtually undisturbed. “Why,” they will ask themselves, “Has nobody else done this? It’s so easy, and profitable, too!”

Yes, that’s right, John and co., you get all snug and warm in that cosy little dead end system. Soon, you will tire of the pathetic little group of low end anomalies. Then you will want to upgrade your little patch of heaven way out west. So, you install an i-hub.

Uh oh, every experienced Eve player says to himself, this ain’t good…

No, it isn’t. The second John Smith Alliance’s i-hub shows up on Dotlan, things turn to custard. “Ah hah!” says PL, or Imperium, or NC., or whoever else feels like being a complete bastard, “Let’s go pay John and his mates a visit!”

If John and his mates don’t leave game completely after having all their efforts turned into kill-mails in one hour of “Excitement” for people other than them, they will certainly go to high-sec to rebuild.

Sorry Fozzie, old mate, but you’ve ballsed it up, old son. It looked promising, for a while there. Now, though, for both sovereignty holder and aggressor alike, null-sec is boring.

But, but, citadels!

Oh, yes, citadels. The glorified patch to fix POS code. Yeah, our industrial guys are excited, and with good reason. They’ll build tons of these things and put them everywhere, no doubt.

Yay! Content!

No one will ever so much as shoot at one, though. An attack on those things is as likely as an attack with the magic wand of entosis. The empire will get its death star, but Luke would wind up as a bug on the windshield if he ever went within 700km of one.

CCP stopped the gravy train with FozzieSov. They turned their backs on the long term dedicated players, and fell for the monetization trap. The problem with that is, the kids will tire quickly. Eve’s PVP is dull, by today’s standards. Without the significance of loss, it has to compete with games that allow a player to actually fly their ship, aim their guns, and have their hand eye co-ordination mean something. Younger players don’t want to spend hours maneuvering their opposition into a situation they don’t realize they’re in. They want to log in and instantly shoot stuff.

Fozzie and co probably thought all their evasion tactics stuff provided that. But, the kids now know we don’t care and they’re not turning up anymore. Nary a Stratios in weeks, now.

Pity, really.


2 responses to “Run, Run, Run around the Desert.

  1. “Now, even energy neutralizers and Nosferatu are going to get kitey goodness.”

    You realise this favours defence over attack, given the mobility of battleships and who is likely to have them.

    ” chicken log”

    aka ‘they won’t stand still and let us pound them’.


    • You miss the point. I am not speaking from either side of the fence here. I would prefer to see both sides able to field meaningful fleets to engage in proper battles. As it sits, those in the Imperium can field whatever the hell they like, while those who would “attack” them, per se, can do no more than run around and log off. Chicken log is merely the vernacular that has arisen and is used as such. In reality, what choice does anyone have when meeting the hammer that is wielded against the cockroach?
      I have no interest in sitting and pounding intruders, any more than I have in killing ratting ships; both are meaningless. It’s sad that the days of putting together a Cane fleet to hit a fleet of similar size are gone, and CCP has no intention of bringing them back. It used to happen, I was there (pardon the pun).
      As to BS and neuts, you realize Stratios’ wear neuts, right? Besides, who the hell uses battleships anymore? Only to bait gankers, and that is not the context I was speaking in.


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