AAR Trafalgar

We have a guest post today, an AAR of the battle of Trafalgar belt in the Cadiz system, written by British Royal Navy Alliance [POM] FC Horatio Nelson.

(Unfortunately, due to the internet being what it was back in 1805, I only managed to get a partial pic of the top of the battle report, posted below)

Battle Report Done

The day started like any other day, I got home and logged in to see what was up. The hell-camp of Cadiz station was still going, of course, with plenty of smack in local from Napoleon’s boys (French alliance Marine Nationale [FROG]) who had obviously had too much Bourbon, while the Spanish guys (Spanish Alliance Armada Espanola [LATIN]) kept posting gifs of bulls, for some reason.

Earlier, Villenueve, the Spanish FC, had taken a roam out from Ferrol system on the 10th of August, and Boney had told him to meet up with Ganteaume’s gang in Brest system, where we knew they would then have 55 ships, plus another 5 who were camping Brest with Allemand as FC. However, Villenueve was paranoid about spais, and took his gang to Cadiz instead. Cornwallis had PM’ed me and said he was sending 20 ships to Cadiz, so I said cool, and I pinged for a fleet to go join him and hell-camp Cadiz even more. I met up with Calder on the 25th, and their guys joined our comms. I took FC for what we hoped would be a fight.

I sent in some guys in frigates to put eyes on the station, but kept the fleet off-grid. By the 15th of October, the move ops were done and we were filling local nicely. Calder had to head back; leadership was pissed at him about how he FC’ed a previous fight, but we had plenty of ships still.

The French had been docked up for years, and the Spanish soon started to run out of eggs for omelets, and their guys were bored stupid. Most of the French guys were noobs, and they had little to no experience because of the camp.

I found out that, back on the 16 September, Boney had convoed Villenueve and told him to take his boys to Naples and stop being such a girl. He also told him that, if he met up with us, he should give us a fight. Still, he sat in that station and wouldn’t come out. He had the numbers, but he didn’t think his guys were up to it, obviously. They sat on their comms and had meeting after meeting, our spais told us.

Then, we heard that Francois Rosily got orders from their leadership to take Villenueve’s place. Old Villenueve threw a tantrum and threatened to rage-quit there and then, lulz.

Finally, on October 18th, he ordered the fleet to undock \o/.

There was a shabby undocking, and they were all over the place. Apparently some of their guys were pissed at going out, and were trolling by flying badly. It took Villenueve two days to get his act together and they aligned to the Gibraltar gate. Unfortunately, they got 18 of our guys on D-scan and spent the next few hours going from single line formation to three lines abreast and back again. Finally, when they were past Trafalgar belt in warp to the Gibraltar gate, Villenueve got them to cancel warp and dock back up.

This left their fleet in a real mess, and we got the warp-in on them in the Trafalgar belt. They had better numbers than us, and some of the guys got nervous. I said something about every man doing his duty and told them to anchor up on me and Collingwood in two groups. The boys were understandably nervous when I told them to go straight at the enemy fleet with no transversal, but I knew the enemy had crap gun skills.

Even though Collingwood had a nano-fit on his BS and lemminged into the enemy fleet ahead of his guys, he still gave  the Spanish FC Alava enough DPS to put him into structure. Both groups got into range and we wailed on them.

Eventually, Gravina took FC of what was left of them and only five of them docked up.

GF’s were exchanged in local. I knew Boney would be mad, so I tried to convo him, hoping for some tears, but he rejected it.

Unfortunately, I got primaried, and ended up getting podded, but it was worth it.

Last I heard, Boney is now playing Dust and planning to invade Waterloo system, for some reason.

Horatio Nelson, FC.


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