Why We Keep Winning

Come the 5th of December, I’ve been in 30Plus two years. We moved to a third-rate rental system in Branch the day I joined, just on 100 members.

One small low-grade system, a handful of old guys, nearly all of them care-bears. FozzieSov arrived, and our landlords folded up shop. But, by that time, we had grown to a 600 man corp that rented 4 systems, including the best one in Branch.

We joined FCON, to be met with shifting goalposts and hostility from leet PVP wankers who despised us as the cancer that’s killing Eve.

Now, we have a co CEO who is vice CEO of the alliance, we are second in the fleet participation, and the grumbling and whining has been reduced to a handful of disgruntled mental teenagers, desperately clinging to the fast eroding remnants of a game that will never return.

We have made one small compromise regarding PVP, that we ask our members to get 2 PAPs per month. There is a good reason for this, though, and there are exceptions. The reason is simple; to do otherwise is unfair. Every member adds an increase to the PAP requirement for the corp, therefore someone doing nothing but taking what they can get and contributing nothing in return is using those who do participate. There are those who prove themselves in other ways, but do not PVP. Those we make room for.

We still have family friendly comms and chat, and our PVP skill levels are…questionable. Our comms channel is embarrassingly large, 24 hours a day.

The question hangs in the air, in fiery letters a hundred feet high: HOW?

We are the antithesis of a null-sec corp; we do it all wrong. The company that owns the game has said time and time again, “Eve is a dark, cold place, where you trust nobody.”

We trust each other completely. Nobody suffers in our family, without us closing ranks and making the aggressor wish they’d gone to WoW.

Why are we not constantly infiltrated by corp thieves? Why are we not constantly up before alliance to answer for awoxers that got into corp?

Partly due to our recruiting being done properly, of course. But, mainly because we are what we are. People who have infiltrated the corp to steal fail to understand they are tagged from day one. The second they get on comms, they stick out like a sore thumb.

We never kick them. They just get no decent roles, and never will. There is a hidden rank in our corp; family. The assets of the corp are available only to those who become family. A corp thief will never achieve that, no matter how good they think they are.

What they don’t understand, but soon learn, is that the people in our corp are not neck-bearded college kids. Our members are old; 30Plus, remember? They’re in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies. Our security guys (who are unknown to all but themselves) run constant watch on comms, in corp chat, eve-mails, alliance chat, the lot.

Those who don’t fit in have no idea how obvious they are, they really don’t. It’s not something any psychology professional could define. Life experience makes college and university knowledge look like primary school. There are always a few guys who are the subject of direct personal emails between those who have undertaken to guard the family.

People with dishonorable intentions fail to realize how different they are, in a corp of people who share a common love of friendship, decency and honor. Of course, should one of these sore thumbs read this, he would lean back in his chair, smile to himself, and laugh at my naiveté as he waits for the right moment to strike his blow deep into the hearts of these old fools.

Except he won’t. He doesn’t know he’ll never get certain roles. He has no idea that the hangars he has access to, which he thinks hold corp assets, hold expendable items nobody cares about.

These people all end up leaving on their own. Some take months to catch on, but they never get those roles. Awoxers leave, too. Because they soon see what happens when a corp-mate loses a ship.

Let me give you an example. Recently, one of our pilots lost a jump freighter in Jita, full of alliance courier contracts; a cool 35 billion ISK in total.

What a stake did this ganker drive through the heart of our corp!

Umm, no.

Less than four hours after the loss, raw ISK donated hit thirty-five billion, along with a freighter, a jump freighter BPC set, and then a replacement jump freighter on top.

This has happened a number of times, and every time, our member makes ISK out of it. Usually, the excess is then donated to corp.

So, what the gankers set out to do; cause grief and heartache, turns into an opportunity to bring our corp closer together, and strengthen the bonds of the family.

The funds collected above the replacement costs have been put towards our newest project.

This project is a titan, to be dropped into low-sec, civilian fit and equipped with mining lasers.

This will be a special event, with all proceeds going to charity. Considering so many Eve denizens consider us the cancer that is killing Eve, we are naming the titan Leukemia.

Yes, 30Plus, the cancer that is killing Eve, is going to give Eve a chance to kill cancer.

Stay tuned for updates on this.




2 responses to “Why We Keep Winning

  1. I’ve been with you guys for about two or three months, and even though I haven’t been that active I always enjoy listening to comms once in a while…. Plus this Blog is in my top reads. It’s easy to say that this point of view is what eve should be all about. Community, friendship and trust. Dust 514 is another of CCP games. A lot younger than eve and much more of a volatile community, taking into account my 5 year eve experience and closed beta vet of Dust 514. The game was complete rubish for the longest time; players stayed on the promise that it would get better. Many left some are still waiting. Even though Dust 514 is just a shadow of what could have been, it is, and will keep staying alive because of the sense of community and friendship that developed. Bonds that have translated into new pilots in new eden and that endure the console/pc barrier. In my opinion Dust 514 stayed alive by the sheer force of those friendships. EvE will be strenthened once the weeds are gone and the pastures are seeded for a more friendly community like 30plus.

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