The New Alliance

The restive state of sovereignty alliances continues. The whining and moaning about how sovereignty null-sec is no fun, where are the fights, we want this, we want that, is enough to make a sensible person’s head spin. One may get the impression that absolutely no-one is happy, FozzieSov is a miserable disaster and the game is ruined.

No. Not at all.

There is a contingent making all the noise. It’s one very small, very vocal minority of immature and over-entitled whiners. They face a problem, and it’s a big one. It’s something they refuse to realize, even though entire alliances of their ilk have realized and altered their status in-game so as to continue enjoying what they do. It is, quite simply, this:

The dedicated PVP alliance in Eve Online cannot hold more than a very small area of sovereignty space anymore. Pandemic Legion were the first to see it coming, and dropped all but one system.

As time wore on, more and more dedicated PVP alliances followed suit. I have very little doubt that, as reality makes itself apparent to even the most stubborn and stupid, many more will do so too.

Within sovereignty holding alliances, things are shifting and coalescing into a new format. Some corps are discovering to their horror that their beloved alliance is becoming that most evil of all creations; a care-bear alliance. First of all, let me assure you that no care-bear alliance could hope to succeed in holding so much as one system in null-sec for more than a day or so. As soon as it was discovered a PVE only group held sovereignty, it would be destroyed totally.

The perception of a care-bear alliance is a misnomer; there is no such thing in sovereignty space, in reality. What these dribbling little children don’t realize is that any alliance wishing to hold sovereignty in any kind of meaningful quantity must be a new kind of alliance; an everything alliance. This alliance has to have as its mantra a concept foreign to the chest beaters; acceptance.

Acceptance of players within their organization who don’t play the game as they do. Acceptance of the fact that their organization needs miners, ratters, scanners, builders, market gurus, IT specialists, scouts, in fact all manner of varied and different players. However, the new alliance needs to ensure that, when home space is visited by undesirables, as many of those varied players as possible are ready and willing to undock and make the visitors wish they’d never come.

Today’s alliance needs combat pilots, don’t get me wrong. But, it doesn’t need those who like to form 100 man fleets and roam space looking for a gudfite. That play-style simply does not fit into the new sovereignty mechanics at all. Actually, I would put a caveat on that. The new mechanics do provide those who like to roam in fleets with a means by which they may provoke a fight. But, the PVP only mentality exists only on the side of the aggressor, not the defender.

The combat pilots today’s alliance needs are those who have at least a basic knowledge of how to do proper home defense. Players who understand very basic concepts such as the don’t chase, wait principle, the capabilities of their ships, and, most vital of all, that it doesn’t take a fifty man gang to kill 3 Ruptures. Home defense is perhaps the worst understood concept in all of the many combat styles in the game, really.

Indeed, when we joined FCON, our request to bubble our home station was met with abject horror. Yet, a bubble to one side of a home station absolutely ruins the day for hostiles warping to a station at any distance, while it is no threat to a blue who has the common sense not to warp to a station if a neut appears (that’s why God invented POSes kids). The e-peen honor principle that says using ewar and heavy webbing ships is a no-no also has no place in home defense. Home defense is not a fair fight, it is the unprincipled use of the home ground advantage to make your space a miserable place for hostiles to visit.

This is another point at which the pram sees toys flying out of it in all directions. The lack of content in our home area. This truly is bean-brained reasoning at its very best. It actually needs to be pared back to the following question; why hold sovereignty? The core principle of establishing home territory is not to have an area where hostiles come to fight you. Imagine if the US army said, “Hey guys, we’re going to declare the United States a PVP area, so we’re going to allow the Chinese and Russians into our air space to drop troops so we can fight them, because our troops are bored with not getting any gudfites.” Bet that would go down a treat in the good ole US of A.

Yes, your home area is your home area; a place of relative safety, safety which is established and maintained by you. The future alliance organizes SIGs, special interest groups, who take out all manner of PVP fleets for those with an interest to enjoy and learn from. It also reacts very differently to incursions into its territory. Gankers in their ridiculous Stratios ships are melted by any ratter with half decent skills and an Ishtar fitted properly. Interceptor gangs warp in and straight back out of a mining belt, chased by over 100 drones fielded by 20 mining ships and a single drone bunny who also helps kill the rats. Roaming gangs are reported system by system, because every system is busy with activity. They are allowed into a pocket, and met by a gate camp on the way back out. Explorer ninjas haven’t got a chance, because their next site has a cloaked combat fit Astero waiting for them.

Is all that a dream? A fanciful notion that contrasts wildly with reality? At the moment, yes. But, I have seen all those things happen sometimes. The reason it doesn’t happen all the time is that alliances are still populated by many who want the old game back. They want to beat their skinny, white, pimple festooned chests about PAP links and 100 man fleets, rage with a foaming mouth in alliance forums and alliance chat and sit in a fleet for hours on end pressing F1 and linking porn in local.

I would recommend that these people act now. Follow the lead of the legendary Black Legion, and –

Piss off to low-sec.


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