Another One Bites the Dust

So, last week, this happened.

Yes, Black Legion are giving up on holding most of their sovereignty space in Fountain. It’s no surprise to me, really. FozzieSov has as its stated goals:

Goal #1: As much as possible, ensure that the process of fighting over a star system is enjoyable and fascinating for all the players involved.

Goal #2: Clarify the process of taking, holding and fighting over star systems.

Goal #3: Minimize the systemic pressure to bring more people or larger ships than would be required to simply defeat your enemies on the field of battle.

Goal #4: Drastically reduce the time and effort required to conquer undefended space.

Goal #5: Provide significant strategic benefits from living in your space.

Goal #6: Spread the largest Sovereignty battles over multiple star systems to take advantage of New Eden’s varied geography and to better manage server load.

Goal #7: Any new Sovereignty system should be adaptable enough to be rapidly updated and to incorporate future changes to EVE.

None of that suits Black Legion’s approach to the game, which is the old “Eve is a PVP game”, rant, rant, rant, hurf-blurf, and pound chest with well-scraped knuckles. I mean, one only has to consider their alliance ticker – [MEN] to arrive at the correct conclusion regarding their philosophy.

Is there a place in Eve for people who wish to establish their masculinity by their level of competence in a video game about cartoon space submarines? Absolutely. In fact, alliances like Black Legion should really be as happy as a member of the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates in moisture sodden soil about FozzieSov. No longer can the despicable null-bears hide in their stations when BL come a-calling during their vulnerability window. A fight can now be gained on demand by these hairy-chested vanquishers of men and ravishers of women.

The problem is, Black Legion had only taken up owning sovereignty space relatively recently. One has to wonder about the reasoning behind that particular move. I mean, the CFC let go of Fountain for precisely the same reason that an alliance of well endowed testosterone filled “Real PVP’ers” should not want to hold any space; Goal #5 stated above.

So, why did they go ahead and do it? Possibly, it was just simple-minded and short-sighted greed. Perhaps it was with the intention of publicly making a statement to try to leverage CCP back from what BL perceive as the abyss. I personally doubt we’ll ever know.

But, the toys have been firmly tossed from the perambulator and low-sec can expect an influx of large fleets determined to jump up and down on their fun. Kind of unlike the system stated in Goal #3.

You see, a large group of players, with good organization and good diplomats, is, under this new system, able to achieve what they should have been able to achieve in the first place. A home. Secured by people who actually live in, and use, the space (there’s that goal #5 again) they own.

But, this achievement is no longer open for abuse. This is because goal #4 is a done deal. As many are discovering, much to their horror.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody is completely happy, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Remember the old “Eve Is Real” thing? Well, in real life warfare, people can only hold what they can use, and CCP is trying to drag null-sec to that point. Could WWII have been a war without any industry, infrastructure or places that people called home? Would Stalingrad have slammed the door on the Nazis if it wasn’t their home? Would the British have had their finest hour if the population could simply have said, “Stuff this for a box of chocolates, I’m off to America.”?

What was missing in the old system was commitment, and commitment comes from people being able to build something that they feel a strong enough attachment to that they’ll fight for it. That was missing under the old sovereignty system. BL used to turn up quite a bit in PBLRD space, and what did everyone do? Those that actually cared about losing a PVE ship would dock up, and let them pass. Last night, we had a low-sec low-hanging fruit-farmer gang turn up. About 10 or so, they soon found themselves camped into the pocket by about 40 more than mildly pissed off null-bears. That’s right, we care now.

Not so back in the old days, was it? That’s because, under Dominion sovereignty, the actual owners of the space couldn’t have cared less about it, and they were often on the other side of the universe annoying someone else anyway.

What, do you think the Mittani was doing back-flips of pure joy when this new system was announced? Read those 7 goals and try to imagine his glee when he read them. No, I can’t either.

The CFC, as it was then, held a lot more space than they currently do, and they may end up with even less, in the long run. Before FozzieSov, much of their space was a ghost town. We lived in PBLRD space at that time, and I can tell you, we could fly from one end of Tenal to the other and meet up with less than 5 Razor guys. Even much of Branch saw little use. Our first few months in FCON saw us working on indices, helping to install I-Hub upgrades and organizing our corp to go from working three systems to working as many as possible.

FCON leadership went through some trying times, with many a chest-beater hurfing about wars being won by men and not indices. Here’s a hint – they aren’t hurfing anymore. Some left, but most of them just shut up; precisely what one should do when one is 100% wrong.

No, despite the fact that some real [MEN] are standing in the corner with their lips pouted and their favorite teddy bear thrown onto the floor beside them, I would have to say that FozzieSov is…well…

working as intended.


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