Low Hanging Fruit Farmers

On the odd occasion, I pop in to poor old Gevlon Goblin’s site, just to catch up on what is going on with the ganker set. Now, Gevlon is an interesting guy, whose point of view is so skewed from reality, I still half-suspect him of being Mittens trolling. The only crimp on that is the sheer verbosity of his site, something I seriously doubt Mittens has time for.

Anyway, I have to laugh at his constant assurance that the ship losses inflicted on The Imperium by various ganking communities is having an effect. There’s a couple of problems with that assumption.

First, The Imperium doesn’t actually pay for the ratting and mining ships lost by their members; this one is a bit of a no-brainer. Second, these losses are of little to no significance to any null-sec pilot worth a damn, because we either expect  these losses, or we don’t lose ships in the first place.

It’s purely an economic calculation; either fly with little regard to losses (usually because you can afford it), or PVE wisely. Use intel, any of the many third-party software available, and watch local. It’s that easy. I mean, it really is easy, laughably so.

So, where do these staggering amount of losses come from? I mean, he’s right about that, Imperium pilots lose a LOT of ships. Please re-read the title of this post. That is what we call people who roam around in cloaky ships killing PVE ships. Because, that is what they are.

Let’s face it, these guys are not exactly hairy-chested PVP’ers, are they? They jump into a system, find a PVE ship, and kill it. Some may say they’re cowards, I’ve even heard some call them griefers, but that isn’t true at all.

They are playing the game fairly, within the bounds of the rules of play, in an area of space that is never claimed to be anything other than lawless. They enjoy playing Eve this way, and good luck to them. The players who lose ships to these people have no grounds for complaint, and neither should they. They are either clueless, don’t care, or are extremely unlucky.

One player I know is a taxi driver, and fits right into the don’t care category. He plays Eve from a tethered mobile phone (I have no idea how that works, but he assures me it does). In between his fares, he sends out his 6 AFKtars into different anomalies in different systems, and then takes another fare. Rinse and repeat for the entirety of his shift. Now, why would he care if he loses a few  200 million ISK AFKtars along the way?

The clueless ones are the ones who fit no EM resists, don’t watch local, don’t watch intel, and go AFK with ships out. Perhaps they care, but nobody else does. Then there’s the extremely unlucky. Well, you know what they say, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. But, when you very rarely lose a ship, you can afford to lose anything without pain, really.

Obviously, this will all be classified as tears, didn’t want that ship anyway, etc., and that’s fine. Like they always say, you can’t win an argument with a teenager. But, then again, who would want to?

The thing about the low hanging fruit farmer is that he provides a good service to alliances who live in null-sec. I certainly enjoy the fact that they are there. Without them, there would be no entertainment to pass the time. The intel channel becomes endlessly amusing, as you read the conflicting reports; the “Help I’m tackled!”, the needless blue intel and the chest-beating crowd proving their inestimable worth with random rantings.

FozzieSov is working out just fine so far, and without these roamers to provide some entertainment, busy and crowded null-sec areas would be boring beyond belief.

And that brings me to the second subject old Gevlon is wading into with his starry-eyed delusions; The Imperium losing space. Yes, they are, and that is nothing but good for the game. The space they are losing is the space they do not use, and that is what has broken this game for so long.

He linked a rage post from an Imperium player, who was complaining that the neuts are using all the evasion tactics Fozzie assured us CCP was against in the first place. However, those tactics would not work in a busy system, would they? The problem is, as usual, the big organizations take some time to adjust. The CFC was famous for this, even under the Dominion system. In time, The Imperium will establish how much space they can hold, and that is what they will hold.

The biggest problem I foresee is the stubborn mindset of the ‘PVP is everything’ crowd. They have to accept they cannot hold space, or at the most, a handful of systems. To hold space, you must have those who use it with you. Just recently, EveNews 24 put up a post of one of our chest-beaters rage-quitting from sky-marshall, due to FCON’s willingness to make the changes necessary to hold their space. He has constantly argued that indices are not a factor in holding sovereignty, even though that was the stated intention of FozzieSov from the outset.

Will FCON hold their space by adjusting as they have? I don’t doubt they will hold some space, but the question remains as to how much. Thankfully, Gevlon-funded gankers will do the hard work, keeping FCON honest and evasion Entosising whatever they can. At the moment, they are focused on easier targets, but I have no doubt our turn will come. Probably if and when we go on deployment, something this writer believes is doomed to be put into the scrap bin as a concept.

Whatever happens, I seriously doubt the veracity of Gevlon’s rantings. I do believe, however, that he and his minions will, as always, provide the services required for The Imperium to adjust as it needs to. Interesting times ahead.


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