Shifting Opportunities

FozzieSov has been up and running for a couple of weeks now, and things are starting to clarify themselves. Goonswarm believe they have found a way to rent out space again, which is interesting. I have my doubts as to the veracity of that particular venture, as the Entosis mechanics mean Pure Blind may well turn into a Thunderdome; hardly the place for renters. Then again, if anyone can get the job done, it’s The Goons.

I have seen one prediction I made, back in this post, starting to come true. I’d like to quote one section:

“I don’t see a transition ahead, not at all. I see a hard reset, a purging of the unimaginative, chest-beating half-wits who have choked alliances with their narrow-minded and twisted views for all these years. They won’t go willingly, but go they will. Good riddance, too.”

Now, I actually said in that post that I saw no current alliances being able to hold their space. However, that was before CCP announced their “OMGwe’regonnaemptynullsec” buffs to PVE and nerfs to wormhole spawn rates. So, what we’re seeing now is a radical change to the existing alliances mindset, instead of a slow rot.

This has seen the aforementioned chest-beaters weeping, wailing and gnashing their teeth in impotent rage as never before. Our alliance has seen a few emo-ragequits from PVP dedicated players over the last week or so. This includes some FCs and leadership people. These players are angry at FCON’s change in direction, blithely ignoring the fact that FCON, like every other sovereignty holding alliance, has little say in the matter.

CCP changed the game, not the alliances. These entities were left with a simple choice; embrace the entirety of null-sec sovereignty and all it involves, not just PVP, or don’t hold space. What the 8% don’t seem to understand is that they are not the focus of CCP’s attention anymore, and with good reason. In the initial stages of FozzieSov deployment, it looked like the 8% were going to get it all on a plate. It occurred to me that CCP had totally lost their minds, and I was very happy World of Warships was coming along so nicely.

Then the PVE buff happened. I have no idea how that all played out in Reykjavik, but I would guess the devs were reminded of their employee status and asked to sharpen their pencils or clear their desks. CCP cannot allow their already falling subscriber numbers to plummet further, just to give some entertainment to a small sector of their player base.

This makes total sense. Eve Online is only a purely PVP game in the minds of a very small, but very vocal, minority. They are largely disinterested in anything but running around, blowing things up. That’s fine, as long as things are kept in proportion. CCP is making sovereignty null-sec more playable to an alliance that has all kinds of members, not just the 8%.

To all those hairy chested he-men out there, a few words:

there are opportunities for you and your all-or-nothing views, just not in a sovereignty holding alliance. Pandemic Legion, Black Legion, NC. and all the NPC null-sec corps will welcome you with open arms. With them you can run around making complete pains of yourself to your heart’s content. There are a couple of things for you to keep in mind, though.

The increases to anomaly spawn rates mean denser populations in each system. However, play right, and you’ll find plenty of viable targets. Take an Entosis ship with your roaming gang, and force a fight with it. Check the ratting map to find unused systems and grab them for a fight promoter. The days of roaming through empty system after empty system are drawing to a close. This is not bad news for you guys. It means that, in the days to come, new players will fancy their chances at grabbing a slice of the action. This should provide endless seal-clubbing for you. Let’s be honest, do you really want a fair fight? If you wanted a fair fight, you wouldn’t run around all day ganking miners and ratters, would you?

The secret for future success of PVP focused players is where to go. FozzieSov gives strong bonuses to any alliance that uses their space. But, it’s up to PVPers to ensure that those alliances do use their space. This will define the game for PVP only corps and alliances. It will be them who keep the sovereignty holders honest. Indices don’t make a region impenetrable, do they? If the current sovereignty holder wishes to keep his space, he will need to ensure ratting and mining can be done. Thus, there is still a place in sovereignty holding alliances for PVPers, too.

However, that opportunity is only open to those with the wit and imagination to accept their role as being no more important than that of the industry players. The alliance that can keep all the types of players happy, is the most suited to holding space the new game we now have.

There is one issue which is yet to be sorted out, though, and that is the issue of deployments. How and where an alliance deploys must change, or that alliance cannot realistically expect to keep their home. The days of committing all their PVP force to an invasion somewhere else are done with.

Under the old system, there was a cycle to deployments. It has existed for as long as I can remember, and was in place before I started playing Eve. It goes like this:

Alliance A goes on deployment, taking with them all the players who are willing to PVP. Theoretically, this is the main of every alliance member. However, I can assure you that has never happened in practice. The majority of capable PVP players are deployed, though. After a few days, the wormholers, NPC null-sec crowd, and the odd low-sec entity, will all turn up in alliance A’s home systems. They will fly around cloaky camping, hot-dropping, roaming and solo PVPing all the people not on deployment. They beat their chests and fill their coffers and kill-boards for as long as the combat toons are deployed.

When the deployment is over, there’s a week or two of these same people getting all their stuff reinforced and or smashed, their un-docks camped, and they get their arses kicked from breakfast to sundown. They soon decide to go gank somewhere else – didn’t want those kill-mails anyway, right?

Under FozzieSov, that will no longer be the case. I have heard it said that an alliance on deployment can jump clone home to recapture nodes, but uh-uh, ain’t gonna happen. You don’t want those nodes spawning, see? If you’re thinking a capture event involves just 5 nodes, think again. It actually involves 20. Each node Entosised represents 5% gain, thus a total of 20 is generated, at a maximum of 5 per system, and you need to capture a minimum of 11. Fail that initial capture event for a station, and your station goes free-port. That ain’t good.

Thus, any alliance going on deployment better be damned sure they have enough willing players at home to defend and prevent nodes ever spawning.

I would strongly caution alliance leadership people against leaving the care-bears to do it. Sure, you can yell at them, threaten to kick them if nodes spawn, and so on.

But, under FozzieSov, do they need you, or do you need them?

Think about it. I’ll wait.


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