The Pain of Waiting

I don’t recall ever seeing so much malaise in Eve Online null-sec before. The long promised sovereignty shake-up has us all holding our collective breath and waiting…waiting…waiting. Many are waiting in other games, or enjoying the summer break in their area of the world.

Now, in the latest dev blog, Fozzie has revealed there is one more change that CCP has hitherto kept secret. And so, we have to…wait some more. Here’s the bit I’m on about:

“This is the fourth major dev blog providing information about the Summer of Sov, and you can expect two more after this, one covering some hitherto secret changes and another summarizing the whole system so that people don’t need to dig through five other blogs to get all the information.”

In the list of blogs is this:

5  Blog covering details on changes to REDACTED.

So, there’s some other change in the works, but they would rather keep it quiet for a while.

As if there wasn’t enough uncertainty in the null-sec community already, they go and slip that little gem in there.

Not much, if any, comment has been made on this. People are too busy arguing about practical problems in the short-term. But, I am a long-term view fan, and announcing another (hitherto secret) change even closer to FozzieSov, is very counter-productive, in my opinion. Will this secret change produce a shift in direction that could wrong-foot current sovereignty holders? Or will it reveal some kind of benefit to holding sovereignty?

I would hope the latter is the case, as the reasons for holding sovereignty under this new system seem to be ever-shrinking. For the defender, it’s going to be all about the whack-a-mole method of putting out fires all over their area, every day. That is not going to sit well with those who hold sovereignty, not at all.

From my personal viewpoint, I would imagine the best option is for me to take my ISK-making characters to high-sec, and leave Blast in null-sec for the doubtless bountiful PVP that will happen when the changes hit.

The problem I foresee is that this methodology will likely become the popular route going forward, draining entire regions of characters to grind up indices and removing viable targets for the largely risk-averse gankers who like to call themselves PVPers. but with this comes an issue CCP seem blind to. With so much advantage on the attackers, and so little motivation to defend what is likely to be comparatively worthless space, how does CCP avoid creating a massive low-sec area with bubbles and no gate guns?

Sure, other alliances could take the space. But, under the new system, who would want to even try and hold it? Those alliances best suited to taking space will be completely unsuitable for keeping it. Thus, the situation is one of complete stalemate. Null-sec becomes as sparsely populated as low-sec.

I still believe null-sec has a future. However, I see no reason to change my view that a hard reset will happen first. I can think of no existing entity that can, or would want to, hold their current space. They will try, but attrition will soon demotivate the defenders, and thus will the exodus start.

CCP have created a massive problem for themselves in the short-term, with a long-term fix in mind. The issue is, how do they not cut their own throat in the process?

Maybe they have accounted for this. After all, many players may stop playing, but will stay subscribed to keep training skills. I know that I have enough liquid ISK to keep subscribed on three accounts for at least 5 months. Thus CCP’s income stream is only mildly affected by the transitional period, and they will have a new null-sec population along with those vets who make the changes to their mind-set and keep playing.

Those new null-sec players, though, will be totally PVP focused, with nobody able to actually use the space for any reasonable period of time. Totally PVP focused players represent just 8% of the current player base. This begs the question; what are CCP thinking in removing the majority of players from null-sec?

Or, are they really thinking at all?




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