A Glossary of 30Plus Terminology

I have noticed a bit of an issue with some of our newer recruits, which is actually spreading to alliance comms. I thought the easiest way to deal with the issue is to put it out there for the general public, in the hope that someone looking to join 30Plus might have a better insight into our terminology before applying.

So, please find below a list of terminology as used within 30Plus.

140km away and turning – Tactical position often taken by one of our Kiwi members when hostiles warp in. Usually best executed in a blinged out Rattlesnake fitted with modules worth in excess of Iceland’s GDP.

Alamo Time Zone – US time zone. So called for the war cry, “Remember The Alamo!”, just before a fleet is whelped.

Arrows – Missiles. As in, “I need to dock up, I’m all out of arrows.”

Behind The Fridge – A position often assumed by our older members when hostiles come into their system. Calls of “Neut in system” are often followed by cries of “Push the fridge out from the wall a bit, there’s not enough room!”

Box Of Fluffies – Kiwi expression for everything is great. Best not used by anyone from another country as it might get them taken away by men in white suits.

Friendly Fire – Something usually done in every PVP op, but especially ones with remote rep doctrines.

Care Bear – A name used for non-American members who blithely go to the local shops without being fully prepared for armed combat.

EM Hardener – Something that must never, ever get fitted to a ratting or mining ship; at least according to our kill-board.

Feeding Elephants Out Of The Bedroom Window – An activity our South African members seem to think is a reasonable excuse for logging in late.

Drones In – Common phrase uttered after an anomaly has been finished, to remind some not to leave their drones behind.

Guns – Refers to something our American cousins seem incapable of leaving home without.

Hardeners On – Commonly heard when a group begins ratting, to remind our elderly members they have buttons to push before they warp to an anomaly.

Help, help, I’m being PVP’ed! – Usually heard in comms when someone is involuntarily engaging hostiles in an expensive ratting ship with no EM hardener, all modules off and with his drones in a previous anomaly, without being the requisite 140km’s away.

Jumping Up And Down On Mud Pies – Refers to ore compression.

Lumpy Is Taking A Roam Out – We’re all going to die.

MTU – Motional Toad Unit. So called because it was thought Mobile Tractor Unit was too dull of a name for something that generates so many corp mail rage threads.

Mud Pie Making – A colloquial term for the onerous practice some of our members engage in, that is often called “Mining” by lesser mortals.

Okay, I’ve Got Him Pointed – A phrase often used by our CEO when he’s tackling a Vagabond with an un-tanked Rifter 3 jumps away from everyone else. Usually followed 30 seconds later by “Never mind, I’m dead.”

PAP – Often mistakenly thought to be something to do with recognition for a pilot’s participation in a fleet op, it actually refers to when one loses a ship in PVP. PAP = Popped And Podded.

Pass Me A Beer – Usually heard when hostiles are in local and someone closer to the wall behind the fridge can’t quite reach in to get one for himself.

Planet Mud Pie Mining – Planetary Interaction.

Seep Joke – Something our American cousins use against our Kiwi brethren in the ongoing battle for international dominance of comms. The H is silent in sheep because we have established Americans don’t use them; as in ‘erbs and spices.

She’ll Be Right, Mate – Often heard just before an AU time zone player loses a ship.

Sweet As – Kiwi expression meaning everything is great. Best not used by our American members as it sometimes gets their face slapped.

Upside Down Word – Refers to the slang terms and colloquialisms of our Australian membership.

War Canoe – Any ship in Eve used for ratting.

We’re All Going To Die – Lumpy is taking a roam out.

Where Are My Drones? – A question often heard after one of our members has started a new anomaly.

Why Am I In Structure? – A question often heard after our members have warped into an anomaly without turning their hardeners on.

Why The Hell..Oh, Never Mind – Often heard after one of our EU time zone members has looked at the kill-board for the previous Alamo time zone.

Wormhole Closing – An operation usually undertaken by an expensively fit carrier with no scanning mods or ships in it.

I hope this little effort contributes to a clearer understanding of our corp terminology. If it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, congratulations, you are officially sane.



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