The Reluctance of the Unimaginative

Patch day is but a week away, and FozzieSov a week after that. According to the popular press, alliances are readying themselves to hold what is theirs from the slavering hordes that whet their sharpening stones as I write this.

Some pundits have published their views on the new system after testing the arrangements on the Duality server. This particular piece has piqued my interest, and I would like to expand on this from the point of view of someone who believes indices may be of some import in the coming storm.

Within every alliance, there is a core of higher-ups who are rigidly unyielding in their view that protection via indices is unnecessary. “Real Men”, they argue, can easily defend the entirety of a region without upgraded indices.

Now, fiction can be fun, but I always find the reference section to be more enlightening. Using this handy little tool, let’s see the difference some ratting and mining can make, shall we?

Let’s say our test system has Strategic 5, industry 0 and military 1. This will give it a vulnerability window of 6 hours and 55 minutes.

This isn’t too bad, is it?

Or is it? Unfortunately, the vulnerability window can fall up to 1.5 hours either side of that 6 hours and 55 minutes.

This means a total time period of 5 minutes short of ten hours will need to have hairy chested “Real Men” ready to defend it, or face the possibility of a host of nodes to protect after 24 hours.

If that same system has military 5 (not hard to achieve across multiple systems – half a dozen toons can keep 6 systems at 5 easily. I know, because we do), the window of opportunity is dropped to 4 hours, 7 hours if you take the variation into account.

It’s still a huge defensive task. But, 3 hours less, for the sake of very little effort to spread the ratting around, is well worth having.

So, why are we not seeing much enthusiasm on the part of alliances to address this issue? Please consider this posts title.

Couple that with the fear of change, and you can start to see why co-ordination of ratting and mining efforts is met with so much pre-pubescent e-peen waving.

The trouble is, young people have no memory of the effectiveness of attrition. So much of everything is delivered, handed over, or spoon-fed to them that they cannot even comprehend what constant denial of something can do to the willpower of the individual to stay the course.

The first few days of FozzieSov will be met with much jubilation, an abundance of joy as the “Gudfites” are delivered to their doors.

Slowly, however, the constant game of whack-a-mole starts to chafe. Sooner or later, the structures will start to fall, generating nodes to be contested.

Now, considering most FC’s have the people skills of a dog turd, knowing only the stick method to get bums in fleets, sooner or later the ranks will thin.

Especially is that the case where indices are down and fleets are happening 10 hours a day.

Every day.

As the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months, The personal abuse will get louder, and the fleets, smaller.

The hordes will smell blood, and down will come baby, cradle and all.

Had those same line troops been given some time to rat up indices, they would not have gone broke spending all their game time fleeting up.

Had there not been so much hostility shown to those of an industrial bent, there would be more potential defenders.

If there is ever to be a successful holding of sovereignty by anyone in null-sec, it won’t be done by any of the current alliances that I can see.

It will be done by new alliances, made up of people who understand the new system, and who can hold space under its terms, rather than their own.

Their space will be small, well exploited, well defended.

I don’t see a transition ahead, not at all.

I see a hard reset, a purging of the unimaginative, chest-beating half-wits who have choked alliances with their narrow-minded and twisted views for all these years.

They won’t go willingly, but go they will.

Good riddance, too.


3 responses to “The Reluctance of the Unimaginative

  1. I detect a little of Dylan’s ‘The Times Are A Changing’…

    I just hope hope that not too may half-wits follow the words of the Welsh poet Dylan and, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night.’ rather they, ‘Rage, rage against the dying of the light.’


    • I’m sure they’ll go kicking and screaming all the way, possibly taking down some good folks with them. Alliances very rarely die quietly.
      However, it seems unlikely they’ll remain as they are, unless top leadership shows them the door.
      Unless, of course, they ARE top leadership.


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