Knuckle-draggers and Dodos

I can make any long-term sovereignty null-sec player cringe instantly.

You ready? Here goes –

“There’s 250 in alliance chat and only 30 in fleet! Get your arses in fleet NOW!”

Haha! Bet you squirmed in your chair, didn’t you? Go on, admit it.

Yes sir, the mating call of the ex low-sec Provi-farming wanna-be scrub FC. The kind of person who thinks PAP links are a valid metric of a corps significance within an alliance. The mindset that has held sway in every sov-holding alliance since sovereignty began.

It never was a good way to measure a corps worth, but it held the reins for twelve long years. It now has less than a month left.

I remember the last iteration of AAA as a sov-holder in Catch, a most unpleasant place to be, back then. There were a number of corps that thought themselves the nerve center of the alliance. Truth is, they were short-sighted dimwits.

The corp I was a member of at the time left AAA, along with a couple of other corps, much to the delight of the Provi farmers. Who needed us anyway?

Of course, those corps maintained most of the POS network, stocked the market in the staging system, supplied a decent number of supers and titans, and still represented well in fleets. In fact, our corp ground most of the sovereignty in Catch in the first place.

So we left. What happened next? Yup, you guessed it.

The POS network ran out of fuel. Jump bridges went down and stayed down. There were no ships to buy in the staging system. SRP went from two weeks to two months to “cheques in the mail”. The rest, as they say, is history.

AAA went back to Stain. Again.

The figures from FanFest brought something to light that I have covered before; PVP is a minority activity in Eve. After releasing those figures, is it any wonder CCP are frantically blowing new life into PVE in null-sec?

For years, alliances have struggled to get their guys into big fleets, to go sit in TiDi for ten hours and hopefully kill some bad guys.

In the end, they were using drone fleets so that their bored pilots could play another game while a drone bunny used their DPS. That had to end.

Come the start of next month, it does.

PVP in sovereignty warfare promises to be a completely new animal under FozzieSov. Small fleets, and lots of them, will be needed. Pilots will need to actually ENGAGE the enemy, not just push F1 while playing H1Z1 on another monitor. FC’s will need to be quick thinking, tactically minded and have the full attention of their fleet.

But, that is not the most interesting metric, oh no, not by a long chalk. Whilst Mittens and co. are testing sovereignty capture mechanics down in poor old Providence, current sovereignty holders will be getting tested as to their ability to defend their space.

This will involve lots of scouts, Entosis defense gangs, gate camps and capital drops. Again, not much room for poor old Mr. F1 monkey.

Despite all of this, the old guard are clinging to the reins of power in alliances. PAP links are still the way to measure corp effectiveness, numbers are still being counted in alliance chat, chests are still being beaten, and knuckles are still getting dirt on them.

We are feeling the heat in our corp, and the strain is showing. Most of our guys are new to this stuff, and some are scratching their heads as to why some alliance members are so openly hostile.

I’m not. Not even a little bit. I’ve seen this so many times before it’s positively boring. However, we are getting on with what we were recruited to do; get Branch ready to repel boarders, so to speak.

It needs to be understood that military and industry indices are not the be all and end all of defending space under FozzieSov. If someone turns up and puts their Entosis link on a station service, and stays there uncontested for twenty minutes, he wins.

Indices only delay a capture, they don’t stop it. So, it’s all about home defense, and that means explosions. Due to that fact, we are trying to educate those of our guys who are interested as to the basics of PVP in the small gang dynamic. We have many long-term players with high skilled characters, and those guys are taking the initiative and training those less experienced.

Those FC’s who think a 50 man fleet is going to defend a sovereignty push by five 10 man gangs is in for a rude awakening. They need to understand that they have to change everything. On the other hand, the wormholers like Hard Knocks or Lazerhawks have only to continue doing what they do to cause a major headache. Just because they won’t be around to contest a timer doesn’t mean they won’t reinforce an Ihub, does it?

The NPC null-sec denizens have no changes to make to their antics, do they? The new sovereignty mechanics were almost custom-made for them.

I believe it is doable, and I believe our alliance can do it. FCON is now over 4,000 members, and they can field more than enough manpower to keep their space clean and tidy.

However, the fallout from the power struggle going on above our heads is of some concern. The trouble is, the vociferous minority who hold the reins have held them for so long, they will not let go willingly.

And so, we must endure the hurf-blurf, the counting of numbers in alliance chat, people with no authority pretending they have some, and so on.

The heart of the matter is this: Either the knuckle-draggers cede defeat and hand over the steering wheel, or the car goes off the road and over the cliff.

The clock is ticking.


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