Let’s Get Something Straight

I am prompted to write this piece by a comment on yesterday’s post. The commenter hit the heart of the problem, by making the following statement regarding blue-balling larger gangs that you didn’t have the numbers to fight:

“Say goodbye to your station services then…

What’s that? You didn’t want those repairs, clones, industry anyway? :P”

So, a hostile entity flies a large fleet into sovereignty space with the idea of forcing a fight by threatening station services. More on this later.

I think the delusion most players are laboring under is that CCP intend the Entosis link to be used for hit and run griefing of sovereignty held space.

However, let’s take the time to examine the philosophy behind the module, rather than wasting time dreaming up what it may or may not be used for in griefing for teh lulz.

In the words of CCP Fozzie:

“To explain our current approach and help focus the feedback, I want to discuss some of our specific goals for the Entosis Link mechanic itself.

As much as possible, the Entosis Link capture progress should reflect which group has effective military control of the grid.”

“The optimal strategy for fighting over a location with the Entosis Link should be to gain effective control of the grid.”

That doesn’t sound like a griefing tool to me, it sounds like a sovereignty warfare mechanic.

Let’s also have a look at the mechanics of the Entosis module itself, to see whether our commenters idea holds water:

1. The ship with the Entosis link active on the station will be visible by means of a beam leading from it to the station.

2. Only one ship from each side may use an Entosis link on a station service at any one time.

3. The Entosis link must be laid on the station service for twenty minutes to incapacitate it.

4. T1 Entosis requires a ship to be within 25km of the station, and requires a warm up cycle of 5 minutes.

5. T2 Entosis adds 1 million mass to the ship, 2 minute warm up cycle and a range of 250km.

6. Whilst Entosis link is engaged, the ship can receive no remote assistance (including reps), cannot warp off, cannot jump to a cyno, or effectively escape in any manner.

7. (The clincher) Once activated, the ship cannot escape until the Entosis link finishes it’s cycle, in the manner of a cyno beacon. That’s 5 minutes for T1, 2 minutes for T2.

Right, so a hostile entity flies a large fleet into sovereignty space with the idea of forcing a fight by threatening station services.

That fleet, to incapacitate one station service, must stay on grid with the station, and defend the grid for twenty minutes.

Inside hostile space.

Inside heavily populated hostile space.

With the defenders using jump bridges.

And capital ships.

And super capital ships.

And an endless supply of replacement ships.

In my experience, a hostile gang that hangs around in any one system inside a constellation in sovereignty null-sec for twenty minutes does not have a fun time.

The only reason gangs of neuts survive in our space is that they hit and run, and keep running. When we blue-ball a fleet, it’s because help will take longer than five minutes to arrive, and they’ll be gone by then.

I think what some people don’t understand is that removing the mechanics whereby alliances hold vast swathes of empty space, simply because they can, is removing those vast swathes of empty space from the map.

Hostile gangs are used to seeing empty system after empty system, one guy here, two guys there.

When they visit alliance space after FozzieSov hits, that will not be the case. As I said in my previous post, alliance members are already trying to come to grips with the idea that 8 people in a system is NOT busy. By the time FozzieSov arrives, twenty in a system will be considered quiet.

Does anyone honestly believe something changes with only alterations to one side of an equation?

As an example, Executive Outcomes is moving to our old home.

Six systems. A 923 man PVP alliance.

If someone wants to incapacitate a station service in alliance held sovereignty space under the new system, I would recommend they bring a large fleet. A VERY large fleet.

A fleet capable of facing super-carriers, carriers, dreadnoughts, T3’s, logi, e-war, RR battleships, all in numbers greater than them.While they have to stay on grid, for twenty minutes.


FozzieSov will make capturing unoccupied null-sec an easy task, no argument from me on that one.

However, it will make capturing, or even inconveniencing, occupied null-sec a major problem.

So if anyone wants to bring a nice big fleet to reinforce a station service that can be repaired as soon as they leave, I have only one thing to say:

Bring it.




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