Grow Up

I really am sick of the whole “We’re going to burn null sec to the ground” chest beating that the ganker idiot crowd are currently running with.
No, you’re not going to take our system.
Anything you come up with can be countered, anything.
As long as our space is utilized, it is in no danger. At least, no more than it was before.
There are so many people spouting so much garbage it’s ludicrous.
Trollceptor fans, I have one word for you. Daredevil.
None of the knuckle dragging crowd seems to realize that a squishy interceptor worth 100 million ISK plus (T2 Entosis module is 80 million,  ladies) is welcome to come to our system anytime that may be convenient for them. I personally guarantee that ceptor will be dead before the Entosis module finishes it’s first cycle and actually does anything.
I mean, you did read the bit about your ship being unable to warp when you press that button, right?
And the bit about it not being able to warp until the module finishes it’s 2 minute cycle, right?
Remember, you are in our system, and our combat boosts mean that anything you can fly, we can fly faster.
Svipul fans, you will find me on the undock in a neutgeddon, canceling your Entosis with my own. Meanwhile, the Falcon that keeps decloaking and jamming you is a courtesy we extend to all visiting Svipuls, as is the Arazu with the remote sensor damp.
Meanwhile, the Svipuls that are catching you are doing so because combat boosted, heavily implanted speed freaks are another kindness we extend to all our more determined clientele.
Naturally, any fleet we cannot handle will be periodically jammed until our landlord can arrange to accommodate you with a “Gudfite” of their favorite flavor.
Will null sec burn? Undoubtedly.
Just none of the bits that matter to us.
These changes are not being mooted as a disaster by the blocs.
There is no weeping and wailing by our corps members.
We are looking forward to it. Hopefully, it will bring hordes of deluded idiots to our systems.
Yeah, all those hostiles, unable to run away, like they normally do.
Good game, CCP, good game.


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