Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

So, CCP Fozzie has dropped a hint or two in an interview for Eve Down Under.

The news website that considers editing and proofreading overrated has an article with a recording here.

I have witnessed game developers expressing personal desires as hints of upcoming changes before, so I am unconvinced to say the least.

I have little doubt that the Vikings would happily eradicate all PVE dedicated players from the game completely, if it wasn’t for the fact that their company couldn’t survive without them.

The combative mindset of the PVP only gang is natural; as is their younger age demographic.

The main issue they would have if their dream of a care-bear free New Eden were realized, is the problem that every other viable in-game target would be a dedicated PVPer too.

Which means they would stand to die as much as they kill. For the majority of New Eden’s finest, this just wouldn’t be cricket.

Herein lies another problem for the longboat pilots. Their PVP’ers need to have other people to shoot. Preferably ones that don’t shoot back. Preferred targets just roll over and die as they shed buckets of tears in local.

If you doubt the veracity of this, our own systems are a perfect example. We used to get loads of visitors, and obligingly die horribly to them; over and over.

Then our guys did something unexpected. They learned. They shipped up.

Now, eyes are up on the in gates. Anytime someone rolls up, all the PVE ships are docked, but their pilots are generally sitting on the gate.

One visitor a couple of days ago just had time to write, “Holy s**t! I wasn’t expecting that!” in local before he was podded back to wherever he came from.

We still lose a lot of stuff, and our kill-board still looks…interesting. But there’s a lot of green on there, too, these days.

Now, visitors to our area often stop short of our main system, or bypass our little pocket completely.

CCP would have us believe we are doing it right, and that all null-bears should have teeth. But, CCP has to have some sheep and lemmings for the ganker mindset to harvest.

Fozzie, however, hints at another issue the company currently has. That of player income being too damned high in null-sec.

There appears to be a blind spot in the Fozzie eyesight, about the size of a Gallente T2 HAC.

I believe he’s aware of the AFKtar problem, it’s just that they can’t fix it. For some reason, the rats will never target an Ishtar’s drones, and I don’t think they really know why.

Enter the Entosis sovereignty system, which will hopefully see more gangs roaming the coalition’s ratting space, making Ishtar ratting whilst AFK too expensive to support.

I believe a delayed local would serve to nerf that system even more, and that is why they are courting the idea.

PVE in null-sec has seen nerf after nerf, but the AFKtar has continued to supply Eve players a viable and steady income; the thing Fozzie seems to hate.

I believe the simple truth is, CCP need to stem the income of line pilots and renters in null-sec, to preserve the longevity of the in-game market.

PVP combat in Eve is becoming inconsequential, as players in null have ISK to burn and couldn’t care less about losses.

His comment on AFK cloaking I agree with. AFK cloakers are  an effective, easy way of reducing null-sec income, and that is what CCP are all about, right now.

Fozzie could have been more direct and less tentative, but he obviously doesn’t have the green light.

Chances are, his desires and reality are never going to meet.

But they could.

We live in interesting times.


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