Changing Sovereignty – Difficult, or Impossible?

I read comments on the blogs and news sites all the time complaining about CCP’s apparent sluggishness with regard to changing the sovereignty mechanics of null-sec.

Accusations of vested interests abound. Suggestions and proposals have been tabled by everyone except my neighbors dog, it seems.

The subject came up in casual conversation on TeamSpeak yesterday, and I thought it was worth discussing here.

One of the great advantages a mature age corp like 30Plus enjoys is the amount of long-term players within our ranks. Many are PVP players who have long since lost interest in being part of a sovereignty null-sec PVP corp. This is mainly due to changes in real life that require that they play Eve as a game. Shocking, I know.

It does make our discussions very interesting, with such a plethora of game knowledge available.

Naturally, the conversation I had with a couple of our members on this subject did not result in us all meeting in complete agreement. Many points were left in the opinion pile.

There was one point, though, that we all agreed on. Whatever CCP are planning to do with null-sec sovereignty, it is going to be a hard job to achieve any meaningful resolution on.

The very nature of the single-shard universe, the consequential game-play and, most of all, the experience and accumulated knowledge of the player groups involved, make it very difficult to present a solution that will not be worked around.

How about the proposal to put NPC null-sec systems within hot-drop range of all parts of null-sec, for example? I’m sure the current denizens of NPC null-sec are rubbing their hands together at the prospect.

Unfortunately for them, the whole being within range thing works both ways. Being within hot-drop range of care-bear null-sec sounds great, on paper.

However, due to their location, chances are good those same NPC regions will be deemed tactically important to the larger null-sec entities. It gives the big guys somewhere to cache ships and overcome the jump range limitations now imposed on their super fleets, the motivation behind them supporting this particular proposal, I’m sure.

It stands to reason that living in such an area might not be as tickety-boo as the local pirates may envisage.

The over-arching problem CCP has is one of organizations. There is, in my opinion, very little CCP can do to shake up null-sec sovereignty that won’t be overcome in a matter of months.

Renting of systems, in particular, is a hard nut to crack. As we see alliances like Hard Knocks renting out C5 and C6 wormholes, we start to understand that rental, protection, pet keeping, call it what you will, relies on no set game mechanics to function. Indeed, if the sovereignty changes bring a switch to activity based sovereignty, then I would think an increase in rental arrangements is inevitable. Hard core PVPers are not likely to be enthused at the idea of participating in ratting and mining ops, are they? The simple solution is to rent out the PVE section of the sovereignty holding requirements for their tenants to care for.

The nerf to jump ranges was heralded by some pundits as the end of the big coalitions. In some areas, there were indeed changes.

Pandemic Legion decided to sell their rental interests, the CFC withdrew from several regions and a lot of real estate changed hands.

From what I can see, though, the jump range alterations also allowed the coalitions to create veritable fortresses. Someone else bringing supers to a remote area to invade is not a very practical idea these days.

CCP has just introduced the Drifter battleship rats, and they have entertained us with some dumb losses, for sure. The truth is, though, that the best method for killing these currently worthless rats was up on YouTube before the patch even went live.

Anything CCP change to make the game different is analyzed, worked on and solved before it has a chance to make much impact on any but the uninformed.

All it requires is organization, along with the massed firepower needed to secure the objective. Indeed, organization and manpower are all that are needed to overcome anything CCP throw at the players.

I do not pretend to know what happens next. CCP has a hard road ahead of them as they tackle this issue.

I wish them all the very best as they work toward a more vibrant null-sec.



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