On Acceptance

It’s been interesting to follow the broader discussion generated by the recent posts on Rixx Javixx’s Eveoganda blog, to be found here.

What is even more enlightening is the comments on many of the posts related to the issue of community behavioral standards.

The most interesting of the many viewpoints to be discerned is the one put forward by the proponents of the “Edgy” crowd. Those who feel the use of racial slurs and homophobic insults is just a different way of expressing themselves.

Any who decry this attitude are labelled as being overly Politically Correct, or “PC”, to use the vernacular.

Well, to be honest, it is sidestepping the issue at hand, in my opinion, to be dishing out labels rather than making lucid argument to further your viewpoint.

Let’s put all that aside for a moment, though.

Eve Online is, indeed, a Massively Multi-player Online game. Anyone who pays the subscription fee is a licensed member of the wider Eve community and has a freedom to conduct themselves as they see fit, bound only by CCP themselves.

That definition of boundaries exists only in the sense of the broader game environment itself, though.

CCP has enabled game mechanics within the game for players to create their own corporations, and for those player corporations to create alliances.

Within the confines of these closeted player owned environments, the rules change. Players who wish to join these player run organizations must now accept a different set of parameters, laid out by the players who run said corporation or alliance.

Any player who over steps these boundaries, as set by their leadership, are proving themselves unacceptable within the confines of that corporation.

Where the “Edgy” players have a problem is right at that point. They argue that the leadership of those organizations are “intolerant” and should “relax” their boundaries.

I see the same attitude amongst even mature aged people in this country now. Using public transport involves turning a blind eye, and more often than not a deaf ear, to the liberal use of profanity, racial taunts and insults that, under ordinary circumstances less than a decade ago, would have seen the person using such language laying on the ground wondering what just hit them.

So it is that the same attitude of tolerance has seen foul-mouthed ignorance abound in the player-run organizations in Eve.

The point the “Edgy” crowd are missing is, in my opinion, that the self-same “PC” mentality is the reason they are not summarily kicked from corp for their unacceptable behavior.

We don’t belt the living daylights out of mouthy youths anymore, because that would land us in court to face charges laid by the well-informed and, like as not, government-funded protagonist with the potty mouth.

The solution to the problem lies with the membership of corps who wish to avoid this kind of person in their corporation; man up and enforce your boundaries.

In 30Plus, this is a mandate, not just for our leadership, but also for line members such as myself.

If someone starts a conversation that makes others uncomfortable, or just lowers the tone of the chat, they are asked, politely, to change the subject.

You see, we log into game and TS3 to do what? Put up with the kind of people we are forced to deal with every day in real life?

I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I pay my subscription to relax; to unwind amongst like-minded people who wish to banter, laugh, and do stupid things with cartoon space submarines.

There are over 200 individual people in our corp, from all over the planet, who wish to do the same, and who will not tolerate someone whose idea of enjoyment ruins that of others.

As our on-paper membership approaches 700, I would hazard a guess that there’s more out there who are over thirty years old and feel the same.

I would say low-sec has many more players who feel an affinity with the membership of A Band Apart, and they will find their way there eventually.

All over New Eden, corporations who have strong boundaries with regard to common human decency are growing, some at an alarming rate.

No, those who complain they are not welcome in these corporations are deluding themselves.

The only logical question that remains for those people is this; why not form a corporation for yourselves? With your standards, where you can insult each other and be awful to one another as you wallow in common self-hate?

Why do you struggle to change those around you? You have every right to found a community based on your values, there to be treated as you wish to treat others, why are you not doing this?

I think I know the honest answer to that. You don’t want others to treat you as you would treat them, do you?

If you find that question discomforts you, perhaps you should go and stand in front of a mirror, and take a good look at the problem.



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