A Great Post

Please, I beg you, take the time to go and read this.
Rixx Javixx has been around the Eve blogosphere since forever, entertaining thousands of us for years.
I read that post and thought to myself, “How right he is! ”
It’s all down to what we make of our little piece of New Eden.
Rixx is creating a place for low sec PVPers to enjoy their game.
We are doing the same in null-sec.
There are countless people out there doing the same thing.
More are with us than against us, and we can win the fight.
But what are we really fighting?
The dark consequential nature of Eve?
No, that’s why we’re here.
Rixx is right; it’s the nasty, spiteful and hateful way some of us play the game.
A good fight is a good thing. Why is it necessary to be a dick to the guy you just popped?
Why is it a requirement of fleet ops that anyone making a mistake or not knowing everything the FC is thinking, has to be vilified to the point of victimization by some petty minded cyber thug?
I am well aware of the existence of such things in other games.
However, in Eve it has become a sub culture.
This mindset will continue to drag our beloved game through the mire, unless those of us with a more positive attitude persist in the fight against it.
Rixx is doing his part, as are so many others.
Our corp will continue to do the same, I am sure.
Well written, Mr Javixx.
And a hearty “Hear, hear!” From me.


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