Let’s Ignore The Real Problem

I was happy to see CCP making the decision to adjust the in-corp awoxing mechanic. Not only to adjust it, but to do so in a way that makes a reasonable alteration, in my opinion.

The reason I like this decision is that they are making it an option, and leaving it as it currently is by default.

Thus, those who play Eve on easy-mode, not interacting with the community, will be unaware that the option is even there. This leaves those who enjoy awoxing with a slew of legitimate target corps, whilst removing their no-risk open-slather approach as it currently sits.

The whiners and cry-babies on both sides of the fence are naturally upset, but I doubt if CCP cares.

Unfortunately, CCP has thus far shown no interest in making the one adjustment that would actually make a significant difference to a new player’s player corp experience; war-decs.

As a member of a large null-sec renter corp that is permanently war-decced, I have to say that war-deccer’s actually ensure that null-sec is safer than high-sec for people like me.

I never go there, except to move things around occasionally with an NPC corp alt.

No, for older Eve players, war-deccers are not even a minor irritation; they simply serve as an educator for a few of our newer members who are slow learners.

Our recruiters give clear and concise instructions on how to join the corp; where to get to before joining corp and why to make a trade alt to sit in Jita to purchase and make the courier contracts.

Still, some don’t listen, and they pay the price, and we laugh, and they learn or leave.

The problem is still new player retention, and CCP surely knows that retention of new players depends on player corps enhancing the game experience through supplemental education and camaraderie. The new player then discovers Eve’s main attraction; the people.

They can’t be so stupid as to be unaware of this.

Which begs the question, why do they do nothing about it?

It’s not for lack of a solution, is it? There’s been solid proposals put forward, along the lines of a new type of corp, with exemption from being war-decced, leadership roles limited to a few older players and the membership limited to players under three months old.

The reaction has been a stolid Viking ignorance. “Vott problemk?”

I repeat, they aren’t that stupid, so what gives?

Perhaps there is a reasonable fear of exploitation; Eve players are notorious for their inventive creativity when it comes to distorting game mechanics for their own personal advantage.

Perhaps it is a fear of even more players in high-sec, whilst low and null sec both remain deserts, in the main. This one makes little sense, though; where do they think most null-sec and low-sec players come from? Storks bring them?

I don’t know enough about this as a bigger picture to analyze it properly.

I do know that if CCP were to set up a way to train new players in a player run corp without getting war-decced, my corp would do it in a heart-beat.

30Plus has grown from 150 members to over 600 in twelve months; there’s plenty of people out there who enjoy the community aspect of this game, why not encourage that aspect?

To bring out a promotional video that highlights the player corp metric and then do nothing about the high-sec reality of that situation is beyond stupid, it’s willful ignorance.

Imagine all those who started a new account based on that video.

They look for a player run corp in high-sec, they join one, and then get told to stay docked for the next week, because they’re war-decced.

Once again, don’t you DARE tell me they should fight; keep your teeny-bopper trap shut and carry on picking your nose.

No, CCP are still missing the elephant in the room, let’s just hope it takes a leak in Hilmar’s Weeties, perhaps then the Norsemen will open their eyes.




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