A Couple of Firsts

The past two days have seen a couple of lines crossed for me.
In five years of playing Eve, I had never fired a laser at anything but an asteroid; back in the days when I mined.
Today I got on two kill mails, with a Zealot.
That is a lovely ship, that thing.
I tend to have a ship at perfect skills before flying it these days, a combination of accumulated level fives and a dose of OCD, I guess.
Like the now nerfed Hurricane, it’s fairly fat and slow, but tanks well and hits good and hard.
The other first is that I actually put my hat in the FC ring in anger, with multiple hostiles and everything.
Let’s just take a minute here for me to say to those that FC; you have my undying respect and admiration.
So, let’s have a look at where I went wrong.
When hostile gangs come into rental space, they are not looking for a fair fight. They are looking to use surprise to kill a ship fitted for PVE. Thus they can warp out should things go wrong, or pull range.
The gang that was spotted by our cloaked lookout on a gate three jumps out was nothing big: a Vexor, three Caracals and a T1 frigate scout.
The heavily bubbled gate two jumps out gave me time to gather an appropriate response.
In the same spirit of fairness that visitors pay us we put a nice dogpile kitchen sink together and waited on the undock for them to land in the bubble we have next to the station as a welcome mat.
Here was my first mistake. Instead of making sure that we had a Lachesis or Arazu for long point, or a Huginn or Rapier for webs, I had too many Domi’s out.
Hell, I had a Huginn sitting in my hangar and brought a Domi.
Predictably, they all landed in the bubble, took damage and warped away.
Not learning, I then asked for guys to swap out to cruisers and frigates to chase them down.
The hostiles, not wanting to be left out of the not learning trend, landed back on station.
Our guys, being rich and bored, took my call for frigates to mean Garmurs and cruisers to mean HACs.
The carrier assigning sentry drones and several Domis still there meant that the Vexor and one of the Caracals kind of vaporized, really.
The other two Caracals legged it but the frigate was too slow.
Again, long point and webs would have finished it there and then.
Dscan showed the two survivors and pods within 5 au of the station, so I had everyone dock except myself and another guy in scan ships.
No sooner were our probes out than they landed back on station, up close.
I called for everyone to just undock and kill them, managing to swap out to the Zealot to get on the two killmails.
There was some complaints about unfair play, to which we replied to the effect that if you want fair fights, don’t come here again.
Of course, we have already discussed the matter of fairness in ganking renters PVE ships, and rest assured that we are always ready to return the favor in the same spirit of fairness.
I am in no hurry to FC again; my confusing target calling due to our inability to hold them down, coupled with a good dose of nerves, turned what should have been a brief massacre into a close run fight.
Still, it was fun to try it out, and gave me a proper perspective on the kind of job FCing is. Criticism of another FC has been shelved for the foreseeable future.
And the Zealot is sitting near the top of the go to pile.


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