On Misunderstandings

I had the pleasure and pain of reading two posts this morning, and while This piece on The Mittani is quite well written, albeit with some flaws I would like to discuss below, the second post on Evenews24 is what can only be described as a piece of juvenile drivel.

Taking the last first, the piece on Eve News 24 may, or may not, have had some decent points in it, but I was unable to bear the effort of translating such a diatribe into English for the entirety of its length.

I am no literary master by a long chalk, but some simple editing and proofreading would have left a far better impression.

My understanding was that Riverini and the boys were upping their game, but it seems that something has gone awry in that regard.

Anyway, on to the Mittani piece, which, while being somewhat erroneous, was at least readable.

Both of the aforementioned articles touched on the need for care-bears in Eve; as targets for PVPers.

Once again, the old delusion rears its ugly head; Eve is a PVP game, it’s a case of us and them, care-bears just die without fighting and they won’t PVP in a PVP game.

Rubbish. All of it. Total, unequivocal rubbish.

World of Tanks is a PVP game. Players get into battles and shoot each other; that is all there is to such a game.

Eve Online is an open universe, single shard, massively multi-player game.

Some elements of it are PVP oriented, many are not. This does not entitle it to be summed up simply as a PVP game.

The problem lies in the attitude of many who play the game; their way is the right way and everyone else is wrong.

However, this would be akin to someone describing their religion as the right religion because they’re in it and that’s what they believe, and we all know how that ends up.

So, let’s take a more open-minded look at the true situation in Eve as regards the humble care-bear and PVP, shall we?

I am going to stick to my own situation, the null-bear, as I feel that I am adequately qualified to discuss this with some insight.

First off, let’s eliminate the polarizing that goes on in people’s minds when they think of null-bears, shall we?

We are not always the kind of players that dock up when neuts arrive. Please, feel free to check my kill-board if you doubt this.

Our corp has no PVP requirements at all, and some of our members do, indeed, dock up. They choose not to play Eve as a PVP game, something which works except in rare occurrences where they do not get the option.

Does that make Eve a PVP game? In the proper sense, it makes Eve a game which has PVP in it, does it not?

Both news articles spoke at length about the dynamics and balance needed in regard to how easy null-bears are to kill.

What they neglected to mention was the ability of said bears to bite the heads off those who hunt them; sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.

The Mittani article spoke about the changes to force recons putting the advantage in the hands of the gankers, so does this mean null-bears are not allowed to fly them?

I’m sure Blastie, with Recon V and mastery IV on all eight recons would be most irritated if he was told he was not allowed to kill people with one.

Here is where the insight comes in; null-bears, at least in our corp, are mainly retired PVPers, sick and tired of dealing with juvenile “serious” players and their twisted idealism in regard to a computer game about cartoon space submarines.

They are also, for the most part, ludicrously wealthy. When we PVP, our fleets are, for the most part, full of specialized ships. Some of our members have PVP alts all over the Eve universe, just so they can keep their hand in.

Hostiles sometimes get in and kill a null-bear, but often they jump into our main system to get podded straight back where they came from by a huge dog-pile.

So, when a carrier is lost and some say they don’t care, what is the reality of the situation?

Well, they are annoyed, true, but at themselves, not the gankers. When the gankers believe they are generating tears, they are grossly deluded indeed.

When, like yesterday, they gank an officer fit Ishtar and kill the 2.5 bill pod along with it, they no doubt think they are driving the pilot of said ridicu-shiny to the point of quitting.

This is amusing, to say the least. Was he annoyed? I would imagine so. However, that same player once lost five bling fit Vargurs in as many days, because he was testing the ships capabilities. He deliberately let himself be killed, as he was timing how long the ship would last.

What, in effect, was he doing? Some would say he was insane, that he was too stupid to be allowed to continue playing the game.

In reality, what he was doing was playing the game the way he wanted, and nobody could stop him. We certainly weren’t interested in stopping him; this is 30P, we do whatever the hell we want. Besides, it was entertaining, to say the least.

So, has CCP, as the Mittani article accused them, been buffing the gankers and nerfing the care-bears?

Well, the invisibility of recons, as I have already explained, works both ways. In the case of our space, though, it works to our advantage.

As we have lookouts up outside our pocket, we know if there are hostile recons in play.

When the tackler jumps into system and D-scans for ratters, he has no such luxury. For all he knows, that shiny Ishtar is, in reality, a brick tanked bait ship, with an insta-point bomber cloaked nearby and a Curse, Rook, Huginn and Lachesis all sitting aligned at a tactical just off grid, waiting for him to pounce.

CCP has, it is true, introduced some advantages to gankers, but they also brought in the Higgs Anchor rig, a blessing for mining ships and a source of constant frustration for those who would gank miners in null-sec.

I have seen no downturn in ratting and mining, no jump in ships lost, no loss of members.

The gankers themselves have to understand that, just as there are endless varieties of gankers, there are endless varieties of null-bears.

They would have you believe it is all their way; that they run around killing ships with gay abandon, but that is patently a lie.

They die, sometimes to pilots that aren’t even there (the new active tanked Ishtars are nasty, mmkay?), whilst they also roam for ages with nary a kill as their possible targets POS up ahead of them.

People need to stop categorizing each other; there are no two players in Eve exactly the same.

Those who would simplify the game down to the Us and Them mentality are simple-minded and ill-informed, as simple as that.

Both news sites should keep that in mind before allowing their readership to be polarized in such a fashion; it is unhealthy, to say the least.

And Riverini, seriously, editing and proofreading, mate; get some.


One response to “On Misunderstandings

  1. Teenagers with Mum and Dads credit-card (wallet warriors) is what we are dealing with, not true ‘internet spaceship pilots’, that explore, build and utilize as many aspects of the vast Eve environment, unlike an ‘real’ PvP’er that does what a ‘carebear’ does then goes on a ‘hunt’ for other PvP’ers, and that requires an I.Q greater than that of the shoes these ‘wallet warriors wear’.
    It is amusing to ‘smack talk’ in local, they often take ages before they figure out we are merely holding them up from being a wallet warrior, and leave, the ‘smarter’ ones leave rather quick, we don’t see them often tho.
    Then when a ship shows up, that can shoot back, see how they run and show how cowardly they, are even in a game.

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