The Delusions of the High Sec War Deccer

How amusing it is to read the snot nosed whining of the war dec corps as soon as noise is made about creating war dec proof corps in high sec.
CCP, yes, even they, are starting to realize that war decs are the true reason high sec players stay in NPC corps.
Amazing, but true; the horse, having been dragged screaming to the water, is actually considering the idea of taking a drink.
The most ridiculous argument the deccers are making is that everyone playing Eve should be willing to fight true PVP style.
Now, be honest here, my little nose picker, why should others be forced into true PVP? I mean, let’s be honest,
Come on, admit it, war dec griefers are the most risk averse (no d in that word, kiddies) players in the game.
I am a member of the most war decced alliance in Eve, yet I have never so much as seen a Marmite in local.
I see them on the killboard all the time, killing ratting ships, mining ships, haulers and freighters, and I appreciate the education service they give to our members on the Jita undock.
But PVPers?
Err, no. Sorry, but it ain’t gonna fly.
The one thing that these clowns never tell us, having harangued the high sec casual players to man up and fight, is how one is supposed to fight someone who is docked up and only undocking if there’s no PVP ships outside.
All war deccers want is to grief other players and partake of a little seal clubbing.
So don’t befoul comment sections with your lies about wanting fights guys, just be honest.
You’re cowards and griefers, be man enough to at least admit it.
CCP will surprise the life out of me if they actually make it so casual players can play Eve in high sec.
I mean, having a truly successful product that caters to people who want to treat their game as a, well…game, rather than a place to live out twisted bullying fetishes?
I don’t think that is really their thing, is it?


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