Opening the World of Tanks Treasure Chest

Disclaimer – this is not about Eve, so if you have no interest in WoT, please disregard this post entirely.

Credit where credit is due, Gevlon Goblin is right about how to get the most silver and XP per hour from World of Tanks.

His post is old, from last year, but as far as the mechanics he explains, nothing has changed.

Now, I’m not going to link all five posts, as he has gone the full James 315 with this subject, and, as we know, one should never go the full James 315.

The actual way to extract the goodies from Wargaming is to be found here.

The previous four posts detail how, in his usual way, he has set about analyzing and deducing how to work the game.

To put it in fewer words, this is how and why it works.

World of Tanks is a typical free to play model, with their income derived from those who wish to either get ahead whilst avoiding a grind, or intend to play the game as more than just casual fun.

The majority of the player base, including me, play on a casual basis and enjoy it immensely.

However, even guys like me spend some money and, in the meantime, provide content and targets for those who do pay.

The problem for Wargaming is this, if they actually did as they advertised and offered a completely randomized match making system, they would lose money.

Lots of it.

The reason is simple; if the outcome of each and every battle was completely random chance, the good players would get infinitely better as they learned tactics and their tanks and crew improved exponentially, whilst the bad players would get trounced in every match and struggle endlessly.

The good player would never need to pay any money, as they advanced through the tiers with their win rate climbing, they could afford the odd loss and still stay free to play.

In the meantime, the bad player will do what?

Quit playing, obviously.

So, as Gevlon proved last year, there is a balancing mechanic applied to the win rate, keeping every player within an acceptable band of 45% to 65% win rate.

I won’t bore you with the details, Gevlon has all the details in his five posts, which are interlinked.

So, how do they do it?

The game can dictate where you spawn on the map, what tier match you’re in (whether you’re top-tier or cannon fodder), how many of each type of tank there is on each team, whether your shots hit or miss and the amount of damage you may or may not inflict.

Therefore it is actually quite easy to manage a players win rate by deciding where to land you within the scope of all these variables.

Now, before anyone decries “Tin foil hatter!”, I have tried this for a few weeks, and found it to be true. Add to this the fact that I have found Gevlon’s suggestion on how to exploit this mechanic works incredibly well.

I have modified it for my own play-style, using tier 5 mediums rather than lights, even using my tier 5 gold tank as well (Churchill 3).

It’s important to remember that the win rate is managed on a tank by tank basis, not on an overall, so a losing streak on a couple of tanks while doing this can generate a lot of losses.

This is why it is important to use tier fives for this and no higher, the repairs and ammunition are cheap enough that you should never go backward with a tier five.

Follow Gevlon’s guidelines, though, and you still make lots of silver and XP, even from losses.

You need to purchase and grind up to at least four (preferably five) tier five tanks.

Whilst grinding these up, use the same method, so buy all four or five tanks in the highest tier possible and grind toward the tier fives.

Let’s assume you have the five tier fives, here’s what you do:

Get into a match, as soon as the timer runs down, head toward the enemy area as fast as possible.

After a while, you will learn the sneaky, indirect paths to get as far as possible and then you really start to haul in the dough.

Once you’ve been spotted, do as much damage as possible before you (inevitably) die.

DO NOT  hang around in games, either to play hide and seek or watch the rest of the match, you are losing money sitting there.

I play on the SEA server and find that at times you can get on the enemy cap point and even kill a few as they come back to kill you, sometimes.

As soon as you die, get out and into the next tank, get in another battle and rinse and repeat.

Remember, you’re here to get silver and XP, as well as experience for yourself.

You are going to see some weird stuff, let me tell you.

When a tank is on the downward side, you will get loss after loss, often getting one-shotted by miracle shots from lower tier tanks.

When a tank is on the upswing, you will become Rommel himself.

I had a game yesterday with my Churchill where I sat in front of a KV1, a KV1S, an M4 and an M3 Lee, systematically destroying each one on my own (the rest of our guys were still hiding three corners behind) whilst getting hammered by them all but only dropping to 25% health remaining.

The KV1S bounced off me twice, the M4’s derp gun did very little damage and the other two did nothing but bounce.

A few games later a KV1S two-shotted me. Both tanks had the big derp gun on, I was slightly angled to each of them.

In a couple of games I have gone down one flank, all the way to the enemy cap, killed the arties left defenseless there and sat and capped the win for my team.

Once I did this and never so much as spotted an enemy tank.

My win rate still hovers around 49%, where it was when I started doing this, despite playing a lot worse, at least by rational standards.

Now, doing this in and of itself can be pretty pointless, but to grind up silver and XP for those higher tiers that you want to play sensibly with, it is, without doubt, the vastly superior way to play.

Naturally, as your purpose-built grinding tanks and crews improve, your income will climb even higher.

You can also ease off on the suicide, unless your trained and expert eye can see that you are slated for a loss, then running to the enemy so they can help you into another game is the only smart choice.

Perhaps I am helping to ruin the game, but I doubt it. If I hide behind corners and slavishly try to help my team to the bitter end, most times I will not make enough difference, my team had its fate sealed before the countdown even started.

In the meantime, I could have been in three or four other games, earning way more than a single-handed fight to the end could ever pay.

So, there it is, you can play this way, or you can sit and struggle as you seethe with frustration because your 100mm howitzer bounces off the open turret of a Tier 3 arty and your team melts around you.

It’s all in the mind, you know.

It’s your choice.


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