Think a Little Deeper Please

There are times when I could hug Nosy Gamer, I really could (not going to, Nosy, relax mate).

This fine gentleman has laid out CCP Seagull’s Eve Vegas keynote presentation for us to ponder at length here.

He has also disseminated his thoughts at length and I believe it is time well spent to consider his careful analysis.

However, I want to talk about something else; the lack of clear thought being expressed by certain areas of the community as to what these changes might bring.

I myself believe there are a few myths floating about that deserve a pin in the belly to rid our ears of the annoying noise being generated by them.

So, I shall attempt to reason out why I think these are worthless myths born of desperate hope by those who simply fail to discern the bigger picture.

Myth 1: The CFC/N3/PL (pick your favorite bogey-man) is/are doomed.

The proponents of this little chestnut fail to understand one little detail, these entities came about and have grown their power base because they are very good at the real game of Eve Online, something that those who think kill-boards and PVP on a battle by battle basis matter cannot grasp.

The end game of Eve Online has always been at the meta-game level; the spies, the politics, the plots, the exploits and, most of all, the organizational muscle; these all count for truckloads more than a thousand man fleet ever could.

I believe that these entities will make the adjustments they feel are necessary to hang on to as much of their empires as they can.

Are we not seeing this already? PL have handed off a large area to Shadow of Death, undoubtedly recognizing their inability to hold this area come patch day.

How astute are they, though? Well, they SOLD IT to an entity that, after the changes come in, would have taken it anyway. That’s the level these guys play at, a little deeper than first strikes you, is it not?

CFC, in the meantime, seem to have come to the conclusion that Querious is going to be too hard to defend come patch day and have decided to let it go.

So, yes, these guys are going to lose some area, but anyone thinking they are doomed to oblivion needs to consider the rest of the road map that CCP have laid out.

Mainly because you can bet that the big three have already done so.

They will change, they will adapt and adjust, just as they always have, and there is no evidence to suggest that they will go away any time soon.

Myth 2: Supers and Titans are now worthless.

I know, I know, it’s stupid, but there are many thinking it. Naturally, they don’t own said big toys and obviously don’t understand a damn thing about their utility.

The use of these items will change, not diminish.

To be honest, I think their power is increased with this change to jump range; not in the way they were useful before, but in an alternate sense.

Wherever these things are parked, they are going to be more useable.

Why? Because the risk of a counter drop just went away, didn’t it?

That’s right, the very same reason that the crowd are celebrating the inability of these big coalitions to project power is the reason that the home areas of these big guys will become impenetrable.

Think about it; an area that is many jumps from NPC null-sec and low-sec, with just a handful of big toys parked in it, is going to be very difficult to invade, isn’t it?

Because, at the end of the day, you are never going to destroy a super-cap fleet with sub-caps, I don’t care how many you bring.

Any decent battleship fleet that poked its nose into hostile space would be open to getting dropped from a capital fleet that fears no counter drop, as the invaders would have to go through the ordeal of getting their supers in position and put them in a very risky position indeed.

As a localized home defense system, Supers and Titans are both going to be indispensable.

Myth 3: NPC null-sec pirates are going to wreak havoc.

Oh dear, oh dear, poor old Gevlon; he just doesn’t engage brain before linking fingers to keyboard, does he?

NPC pirates are going to be what they’ve always been, annoying.

To those of us in deep null-sec, they’re not even that. Their cloaky campers are going to have even less meaning, as the idea of them hot-dropping with even one mid-point required is a joke.

To be honest, I’m sure these guys will continue to enjoy their game, getting kills and playing hide and seek with those who could be bothered (or are dumb enough) to chase them around the countryside.

The idea that these guys would seize and hold sov space is pretty hopeful, though. I’m not really sure they’d even want to.

They do what they do and are doubtless happy to take old Goblin’s money when they get the chance, but they won’t kill the big guys, oh dear, oh dear.

Myth 4: Renting is Doomed.

Yes, we are busy packing our bags and evaccing in dread fear of the coming apocalypse…umm, wait a minute, no we’re not.

Why not? Are we not on the brink of extinction? Umm, no.

Rental space is located (at least the CFC renter space for discerning retired Eve players is) in deep sov-null-sec, many mid-points (many more after the patch, love your work Seagull) away from any possible threat.

It is also well within five light years of our host alliances garage for big blingy space WMD’s, so please, hitch up the war wagons and head on up, I’m sure the super-cap pilots would love to greet you personally with a doomsday to the face.

Renting is still going to be a vital source of income. It is also going to become more needed after the occupancy based changes to sovereignty come in, is it not?

I also find endless amusement when I hear some renters talking about “When we take sov for ourselves”.

Poor dears, they have no idea, really. It would cause me no end of sadness to see them try that, the ease with which the coalitions would grind their face into the dirt would amuse, but sadden as well.

Were any in our corp to even contemplate it, the rush for the back door would doubtless see them trampled to death by the hordes of our members who have years of experience in the sov warfare game getting the hell out before the hammer dropped.

I have no doubt that renting will undergo adjustments, especially as all the changes hit, but that it would go away is ridiculous.

Well, that’s enough myth-busting for one day.

I would counsel all who are running around doing impressive Chicken Little impersonations to just relax.

After all, it’s only a game.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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