It Hits The Fan

So, now we know what the cartels are getting together for, as the latest dev blog has revealed.

Naturally, the relevant forum thread-naught is up and the tears are threatening to make Noah’s day look like a ten minute sun shower.

Sorry to all who are raging, but I think this is the right direction. Of course the super-cap pilots are very angry and, in their situation, I can’t say I blame them. Hot dropping everything that farts anywhere in New Eden for teh lulz is undoubtedly great fun, for them.

On the other hand, moving capitals around just became what it should be, expensive, time-consuming and very dangerous.

Wading into the oceans of tears, we get up to our waist three pages in and nearly every negative post is from Goonswarm, NC., Pandemic Legion and the like.

Well, if these organizations can’t re-organize around these changes, they’re nowhere near as creative and organized as I thought they were.

Let’s have a little look at some of the complaints, shall we?

First up, the removal of death-cloning is going to make it impossible for new guys to get out here.

The argument goes that new players will not be able to get to the home systems of null-sec corporations that have recruited them. Why is this a problem?

So the minimum requirements to join your new corp in null-sec will be the ability to fly at least one interceptor, the basic knowledge of how to use d-scan, the awareness of pipe bombs and how to avoid gate camps.

The corp will need to have a full set of gate tactical bookmarks for the route up and down, one safe spot for each system at least and maybe even lookouts and escorts for new guys.

Maybe fleets will need to be organized for the run down, escorted as a fleet should be, scouted, FC’ed and all with the distinct possibility of being podded two jumps out and having to start all over again.

I used to do null-sec induction courses for a null-sec corp, and I can’t understand what the issue is; someone without the skill-points and experience to get there shouldn’t be there, simple as that.

Think about it for a second. The further out from NPC null and low sec you are, the better organized and capable of running fleets you will need to be. And the problem is?

There isn’t one. Null-sec is supposed to be the end-game, the place you get to and survive in when you’re good enough; as it should be.

Second, getting our shiny loot drops out to sell them will be impossible.

Bollocks. Sorry, but those lovely module drops we all cherish can be put in an interceptor, a cloaky nullified T3 or a cloaky hauler and smuggled out.

But, but, but Blastie, they’ll be really expensive if we can’t bring gobs of them out by the jump freighter load! Good. Then ratting just took a massive boost to the pocket, didn’t it?

Or, a new profession is born, smuggling. Buying up these shinies cheap on the local market and then putting your nuts on the line to reap the rewards when you get them out. IF you get them out.

Especially in those far away, hard to reach regions, which will become lovely places to be because closer areas to NPC null and low sec will be getting hit hard by the now less constrained gangs who live within range.

Which reminds me of the third point…

We will have to stay in a system for ages after we do a hot drop and then it will be ages before we can do another one!

As grumpy cat likes to say, good!

This means that BLOPs gangs will have to take serious risks instead of just dropping for teh lulz with impunity. Now their cloaky camping alts will say, “We have a target!” and the response will be,”Have you scouted a few jumps in each direction to make sure we don’t get locked in? You know we can’t just jump back out, right?”

Oh, talking of risk…

Moving our supers and caps around will be a nightmare! It’ll be far too risky, I’ll just un-sub my super accounts, so there, nyahh!

He he, I always knew “Leet PVP” wankers were cry babies. Tell you what, just hop on the phone to the Pentagon, tell them you have a target for their carrier halfway around the globe and see if they’re interested.

Moving these very expensive ships around just got as expensive and risky as it ought to be. The guys with these things can still use them, but with a well thought out plan and a big fleet to escort them.

Attacking a system to capture it will be damned risky, time-consuming and require timing, planning and bums on seats. As it should be, don’t you think?

Supers and titans will become something of an iron fist to rule your own area with, though; they’re going to be more valuable, not less.

Your region, with its host of big toys there, is going to be a no fly zone for bigger fleets, because counter-dropping just went away.

Think it through properly for a minute. You’re an alliance with a chunk of good space and a super-cap fleet to protect it; how the hell is anyone going to hit your space now? Yes, moving your big toys to further away is going to be very near impossible, but the other guy has the same problem.

If you just want gudfites, then grow a pair and ship out in something the other guys have a chance of killing, you risk averse pansy.

Logistics is going to be a freaking nightmare!

If you live in far away regions of null-sec where hostiles have no hope of invading, it should be!

Rare and locally unavailable goodies are going to have to be smuggled in or escorted by convoys. Remember the US supplying Britain across the Atlantic? Well, Eve Online is a WAR game, and it just got more realistic.

Your alliance is going to require cunning smugglers in cloakies to get your loot drops out and your badly needed supplies in. Attackers will be able to put your little corner of paradise under siege and pirates will be…PIRATES!

Not chest beating e-peen waving low sec mechanic exploiters, but real, honest to goodness pillagers of wealthy merchant ships, camping the gates of the known trade routes, forcing convoys to be deadly and smugglers to take risky, long-winded journeys to make their ISKies.


CCP, you surprised me today, you honestly did. CSM too, well done, well done indeed.


Oh, and thanks for the tears of the leet PVP’ers, they’re the very tastiest kind of all.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


3 responses to “It Hits The Fan

  1. Corp bookmarks along the route will help. My previous corporations often had a pilot willing to scout for you if you were new or in a valuable ship. So the solution is available in remembering this is an MMO and not a solo game.

    Same for getting loot out. I have flown mining ships and marauders all the way from Taisy/Torrinos to deep branch without using jumb bridges. cov ops, inties, t3 etc can do this a lot easier as a battleship.

    3rd: Our opponent will face the same problems? But.. but.. they are smarter/better organized and won’t have as much trouble dealing with it….

    4rd: The distance from Jita is one of the reasons to live in Branch.

    Read the first 20 pages of the forum thread before seeing that it’s 150 pages long. If only one of those whiners would actually unsubscribe and give me their capital ships I’d be a happy man


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