Eve is Not Real in Some Ways

Whatever the eventual changes to null-sec may be, CCP has a problem, alluded to in the title.

In the place known as meat-space, the world’s governments may be able to shuffle all the pollution issues off to India and China, where the rules are…umm…different, but they have only succeeded in diverting attention away from the issue, not fixed it.

However, in the real world, diversion is enough, especially for the older generations who made the mess. They can shove the old noggin in the bucket of sand they carry with them and life goes on, profits continue to be made and everyone is happy.

Well, except the environmentalists, but we can comfortably denigrate their charts, label them as tin foil hatters and ignore them.

In Eve Online, however, there is a problem with those kind of political shenanigans. In the real world, people fed up with life don’t really have another life they can log into, neither can they simply not log in with the rising of the sun.

Life goes on, and so they must rise and drink the kool-aid and pretend they’re okay with what life presents to them when they throw open the curtains.

Not so in New Eden, not at all.

Whatever CCP delivers to null-sec will affect the entire game, despite what others may shout from the rooftops. Industry and the markets are deeply affected by null-sec cartels and the financial weight they carry, of this there is no doubt.

CCP don’t need to just whack a band-aid on the gushing artery and tell everyone everything’s fine, as per real life; they need to actually stop the bleeding, remove the cause, heal the wound and then pump new blood in.

The reason is, no-one needs to push that amber PLAY button at all. They can just toodle off to another game and job done for them.

I used to PVP in Eve, I used to enjoy it, too.

Now, though, I’ll log in and do some PVE whilst chatting to my wonderful corp-mates. If a hostile arrives, though, I think to myself of the meaningless and pointless chasing around, the possible cyno, the possible wormhole fleet, or the possible cloak up and go AFK. Then I just go “meh” and go off to play WoT, where the PVP is fairly balanced and the ‘splosions frequent and, now, quite spectacular, it has to be said.

There are alternatives, but only to a limited degree. Eve Online has a tight-knit and social community that means something to a lot of us. We want to enjoy CCP’s product, we really do.

The falling player numbers and obvious to all but flat Earth pundits stagnation of the game is making it harder and harder for the general player base to do just that.

Our corp members try incredibly hard to make content for our guys, with some success. It has to be said, though, that the malaise within our ranks is part of something game-wide, not something that is a result of our corps way of doing things.

Our PVP’ers do basic instruction, try to engage uncatchable interceptor fleets, try to avoid the nullified T3 cloaky boosted gangs, try not to be baited into derping into wormholers, all in the name of generating content.

The problem is, the permanence and total security of our space, combined with the generous income, make such PVP meaningless.

Black Legion aren’t going to take our space with twenty man Crow gangs, PASTA aren’t going to hurt our income with the destruction of a few blingy ratting ships, let alone AFKtars.

What though, are the alternatives for casual players? Sovereignty PVP? I said CASUAL players.

High-sec? Don’t make me laugh.

Low sec? Faction warfare? I’ve already mentioned meaningless, haven’t I?

What a corp like ours would need, what this game desperately needs, is the ability to hold a couple of systems, maybe with fealty payments to the local baron and his cronies along with some assistance in holding down the space.

Then the negotiations of every day null-sec life would be interesting, to say the least.

For God’s sake, don’t give the cartels NPC null-sec in every region, that will just ensure their continued reign, which is doubtless why their manifesto features it.

Cut to pieces their ability to hold more than a handful of systems, their ability to move their big toys around at will, their ability to have blue lists as big as the United Nations.

Make it bloody hard to keep their big bites of space, and make it easy to own just a few.

Nerf the living crap out of jump range to all jump capable ships, get rid of jump bridges and limit cyno capacity.

Fix that stupid cloaky camping mechanic for crying out loud, it’s too easily abused to their benefit; give it a one hour duration with a one minute delay for re-activation and job done.

It should be important to have lookout alts posted, home defense fleets ready to go at a moments notice and an actual hope of engaging hostiles.

We shouldn’t be able to rationalize expensive ship losses to a couple of hours income, to just shrug and stay docked until the space biker gangs get bored and leave.

Now, having said all that, I recognize my complete inability to influence CCP’s future changes.

I recognize that the cartels have massive influence on CCP’s ability to pay its bills.

In return, I hope that CCP recognize that they can’t make me log in and subscribe.

The ball is in their court.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



5 responses to “Eve is Not Real in Some Ways

  1. What if I want to hunt ratters in hostile space?
    I need a cloak else I can’t even go afk for a biobreak. I can’t log out, logging out will give hostiles time to scan me down and pod me.

    Killing afk cloaking will hurt casual players that want to go afk while passing through hostile space.


    • I think you might have missed the bit about timer, I said the cloak would need to be rebooted after one hour, and would take one minute to do so.
      No-one should be able to go AFK in hostile space for over an hour, and the one minute could be adjusted to allow just enough time for a proficient scanner to get a hit.
      This means the cloaky pilot must come back to the keyboard once per hour and reboot. And move, if he sees probes on D-scan.
      This doesn’t remove the possibility of cloaky AFKing a system, it just makes it harder than keeping your eyes closed while you’re asleep.


      • But I want to sleep!
        Say that I am camping 3KNA in my cloaky vagabond but you have camped and bubbled the outgate so I can’t leave system without getting killed.
        You also have probes out so I can’t log off…

        You are forcing me to suicide my ship and pod. Currently I can just safe up and stay cloaked until downtime allows me to log out safely. Then when I log in again I can try to see if the situation has improved and if it’s safe to try and break out.

        Make it a 8-12 hour timer instead đŸ™‚


  2. Well.. a for unsubs CCP Seagull has this to say… her answer is about Cyno alts in particular, but I believe this is related to the quote that follows about over all changes to nullsec…

    Q: The reduced need for cyno alts means fewer subscriptions. Is CCP worried about this?
    A: We absolutely expect there to be a reduction due to cyno accounts. We think that the balance this change is bringing will be good and bring other people to the game or back that will compensate.

    I repeat… We think that the balance this change is bringing will be good and bring other people to the game or back that will compensate.


    Q: To continue about the sandbox. Some changes seem made to stop emergent game play which seems against the sandbox. If a group oppressively dominates the sandbox should allow that but you are making changes to stop that.
    A: When we add things into Eve it is a form of behavior shaping. Our responsibility is to make a rule set and a landscape that makes it as good a game as it can be for many people. If the environment is unbalanced it is our responsibility to try to correct the flaws or change them and not be afraid because they have always been broken. It is not a simple system. We have avoided changes for fear that changes are bad. But we want an interesting and viability world for as many people as possible so we have to make things change even if some things won’t be liked.

    I repeat… We have avoided changes for fear that changes are bad. But we want an interesting and viability world for as many people as possible so we have to make things change even if some things won’t be liked.

    That says it all to me… Yes there are player who won’t like the new mechanics… and yes, some will leave. But the direction CCP is going is not to pander to those who are invested in the old ways, but to push the game forward to reinvigorate it for those willing to learn, adapt and thrive from the new ways and to draw in new players and grow the playerbase. Those that leave, just leave space for those to come.

    Oh, and it seems I am not having the same game you are… my game never was ‘boring’ and mos def is HOLEEE SHIT FUN again…

    Oh and I am very appreciative of…

    … try not to be baited into derping into wormholers… that’s MY content yer talking about there son!! LOL =]


    • As this post was written BEFORE the upcoming changes were announced, I have to say I feel a certain satisfaction in what they are doing.
      This is a step in the right direction for CCP, of this I have no doubt.
      Some decry it as too little, too late.
      But the alternative is to let the game die anyway, so there’s nothing to lose, really.
      As to avoiding providing you with content, our suicidal Americans should keep you happy, pardon me if I leave it to them.


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