So, have yourself a read of this, it’s worth the time to do so for most subscribers to Eve Online.

Interesting, is it not?

However, It’s interesting to me for perhaps a more obscure reason.

I have a good friend in-game, who has spent a lifetime in the business world, and he gave me a piece of advice once; don’t just listen to what people are saying, ask yourself why they are saying it.

So, applying this principle to that article, why have the leaders of sovereignty null-sec (and some NPC null-sec entities as well) felt the need to write an open letter to CCP on changes to sovereignty mechanics?

Let’s eliminate some of the unlikely reasons first, shall we?

I cannot take the proffered reasons seriously and here’s why.

There has been a period of some twelve months where players have been crowding the Eve media with suggestions and ideas on what sovereignty null-sec needs. CCP has iterated time and again that they are listening.

The CSM has a large null-sec contingent who have spent countless hours on advising the best way forward in this regard.

In politics, there is a stratagem that employs open statements to head unwanted disturbance of the status-quo off at the pass.

Just announce that you strongly advise against such disturbance, thereby making the changes harder to implement without being exposed to hordes of angry I-told-you-so’ers the minute the slightest thing goes awry.

I believe that this is what is being done here. These interested parties are doing their best to ensure that CCP has a tough time implementing any changes that fall outside of their manifesto by giving it the strongest unified voice possible.

It’s a nice move and well done to them.

It still leaves the main question unanswered;

why did they do this?

Well, we know that these individual groups have representatives on the CSM.

We also know that those representatives are bound by an NDA, which means they can’t reveal what CCP has told them are their plans for null-sec; at least, in public they can’t.

However, I like to believe that most of my readers have an ounce or so more of the old grey matter than the average Joe, so let’s take it as written that these entities are as well-informed of any plans CCP may have for future game changes as the CSM are and leave it there, shall we?

So, this leaves the second question sitting there waiting to be asked; what the hell have CCP come up with that might actually make a difference to null-sec that these chaps don’t like?

Well, that has to be left to the imagination for this poor soul and I have no doubt most of Eve’s player base as well.

Whatever it is, this unprecedented outburst from the cartels indicates that it doesn’t bode well for the current status-quo.

CCP will doubtless be interested in saving their game, while the null-sec overlords will be interested in saving their hard won empires.

This particular power struggle will be very interesting to follow indeed…

It’s all in the mind, you know.




4 responses to “Hmm…

  1. I must admit that manifesto prompted a wry smile.

    The idea of NPC Null pockets in every region actually has merit, but not if you think it will promote change in Sov ownership. It will benefit the incumbents just as much as any hostile forces by giving them relatively safe locations to store assets and possible access to mission agents.

    The requirement for occupancy based Sov and the ability for more active pilots to work on gathering resources in each system at the same time is already easily enough played by the current Coalitions and their rental fiefdoms.

    In short – it won’t change anything. It won’t shake up the current status quo. It won’t open Null Sec up to new powers. That is what I think the current Null-Sec Lords are angling for – preserving their current place at the top of the heap, not giving us the best Null-Sec game possible.


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