Eve is Real – Unfortunately

After nearly twelve months of all and sundry filling the wider media circles of the Eve community with ideas and analysis of the situation in null-sec and what can be done about it, CCP have recently turned around and asked for ideas and analysis of the situation in null-sec and what can be done about it.

Lost for words, literally.

Nonetheless, they have at last turned their attention to what has to be the most broken part of the game and are looking to fix it.

The title of this post outlines the immense task that awaits them.

Here is the problem in a nutshell. People will be…well, people.

See, what we have today in null-sec is what can quite realistically be thought of as the natural state of humanity.

People form sophisticated communities to extract as much resources and pleasure as they can for themselves out of any given situation and place.

Look at the world today and tell me that isn’t true. The most organized and powerful groups exploit and dominate the weaker groups, using and (it has to be said) abusing whatever is available to sate their unreasonable greed and amass wealth that they neither need nor can possibly use within the span of their lifetime.

The rich getting richer, etc.

Thus the title states the simple reason why CCP is faced with a monumental and perhaps even impossible task; to break up those sophisticated and powerful groups to give others a chance.

Good luck with that. No one has succeeded out here in meat-space yet, so you will need all the luck you can get.

Out of the last years worth of thoughts and ideas on how to change null-sec that CCP somehow missed (record-breaking myopia, by the way, grats), I have not seen a single idea that would not be workshopped and exploited within months.

Coalitions is not even a game mechanic, so quite how you stop something that technically doesn’t exist is beyond me.

The closest idea of some merit is to limit the amount of blues any given group can have in-game. Goons may take a few days to overcome that one, but I doubt it would take them much longer.

Renting space is another non-mechanic, so same situation there.

Capital and super cap proliferation? Couldn’t agree more, I have a carrier simply in case I want to leave where I am for whatever reason.

Remove caps and supers from the game and we’re looking at 1,000 Ishtars – Megathrons are so yesterday.

For every idea put forward, there are columns of replies that show how it could (and no doubt would) be exploited.

So, Mr Negativity (I’m a tradesman three times over, so my knowledge of what will go wrong trumps the average optimist by an impressive margin), what do you propose to do about it?

Nothing, sorry.

I have absolutely no idea how you stop humans being humans, I really don’t.

I would suggest that before trying to take on something so utterly impossible, CCP might like to look at smaller and reasonably possible things to shake null-sec up a bit.

Here’s an example: take back the stupid changes to interceptors and make the damn things at least somewhat fun to engage.

You see, at the moment, all one can reasonably do when an inty gang is reported inbound is dock and wait for them to bugger off. Our more suicidal USTZ guys sometimes lose the plot and do very high quality impressions of headless chickens trying to catch and or kill these things, but the only dead intys are ones our AFKtars kill by accident, often when the pilot isn’t at the keyboard.

I kid you not, last week one of our guys piped up in comms asking how the hell there was an inty wreck in his anomaly.

So, the best way to kill an inty is to not be there, which kind of lowers the fun factor. It’s a bit like your Mum popping off to do the shopping and accidentally winning Indy after taking a wrong turn.

Another one to do something about is the AFKtar itself, but my recent post on that subject was the least read post in the history of this blog, so the name alone must be enough to get people rolling their eyes.

Our aforementioned USTZ Divine Wind aficionados are desperately trying to get some interest in PVP going in our corp, but with so many members who’ve got plenty of PVP experience, it’s tremendously difficult to get any enthusiasm, as they are bored with Eve PVP because it’s, well, boring.

Uncatchable intys, boosted drug taking and implanted Cynabals and Vagabonds, cyno fitted drop gangs, gangs with a ton of logi and E-war and wormhole T1 bait fleets, all of them predictable and, you guessed it, boring.

I have eyes up down the pipe every day while I work, and every time our guys go out and die to these predictable setups I can’t help but squirm inside.

Because experienced eyes look at the incoming fleet composition, look at our possible response and the outcome is already decided; no further effort needed.

All of this is undoubtedly bitter-vet, as the saying goes, but I’m afraid it’s pretty realistic.

The only doable PVP in our area is bait ratting ships to insta-pop intys, which offer some jollies but it’s hardly a good fight, insta-lock bombers and recon gangs on a bait ship, same deal there, or go on a suicide roam where you’ll doubtless be hot dropped and podded home.

Many years ago, people were saying small gang PVP is dead. I don’t think that’s true, but it’s close to being bored to death.

Lone hunting explorers might be a diversion and some of our guys play around with that.

Faction warfare is another option, as is red versus blue and I did pop an alt up on a fourth account, stocking him with ships to lose, but having tried a couple of times, I have to say that without the thrill of real loss (he has a stock of fifty fitted frigates that can be replaced in less than an hour) Eve PVP pales compared to other PVP games for me, I like to have to aim and things, not just be the one who can click the fastest. I also dislike sitting around for an hour waiting for something to happen.

The attraction of Eve is the people, for me. I hate to admit it, but the game is largely irrelevant.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



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