Guidelines Versus Principles

Ban waves are nothing new in New Eden. Neither are the thread-naughts that always follow. I must say, the tears of griefers are much more abundant than those of their victims in such cases.

Those tears are also more enjoyable for me, but that’s a personal thing.

What has proven to be of great interest to me after this latest round is the apparent befuddlement of the griefing community as to why some were banned.

They decry the lack of clear guidelines, and thus they stand condemned out of their own mouths.

How dare I say such a thing about such a group of outstandingly intelligent and well-balanced people?

Well, I’ll tell you.

The reason is that well-balanced, mature and intelligent human beings don’t need rules or guidelines, all they need is principles.

Consider  this; 30Plus is a ‘do what you want, when you want, how you want and with who you want’ corporation.

There are no rules, as such. There are some guidelines, these have been handed down by our landlords and are not negotiable for us and thus we follow them.

Outside of that, people who need guidelines are plain out of luck in our little corner of the universe.

Our recruiters give every recruit just one piece of advice; treat your corp-mates and alliance mates as you would want them to treat you.

Some may be able to discern that our guiding principle has been borrowed from some chap from long ago. That does not negate its value, and I have proof of that.

Here it is; our corp is an outstanding success.Drama is as good as non-existent, disputes are vanishingly rare and, as a director, I have had to step in to help resolve a dispute, umm, once, that I can remember.

Yes, there are personality clashes. We have had two people who I can remember have left because they felt the corp was wrong in its way of doing things and one member was given an ultimatum due to unacceptable behavior which was a direct result of alcohol abuse.

That is over the course of nine months and our current member level is over 450.

Our family friendly chat policy is bent with the odd use of the in and out word, but in nearly every case the person letting it slip will apologize or at the very least harness their speech immediately afterwards.

For all those who say ‘Eve corps only work as dictatorships, you must rule with an iron fist, etc. etc.’ I would just say this.

You’re wrong.

Now, let us turn our attention back to the 13-year-old nose pickers.

Do those tiny minded little individuals honestly think that the lack of clarity from CCP on this issue is a fault on that company’s part?

I have news for them if they do.

CCP is simply getting rid of those who are having a negative impact on their  income. Their income is being threatened by a group of individuals who are violating a core business principle; a customers right to enjoy utilizing their subscription in a recreational manner which they enjoy.

Whilst playing the game they have paid for, the customer accepts that they are at risk of losing in-game assets that they will need to replace. They should not be at risk of losing their minds.

CCP has iterated that Eve is a hostile, harsh environment that will chew you up and spit you out if you make a mistake while playing.

What they do not say is that players are at risk of having their game play ruined by sick minded individuals who wish to not only push them over the edge psychologically and extract entertainment from their mental breakdown but will record it for other sick minded individuals to also enjoy.

The word harassment has been highlighted by CCP and the definition of this word has been discussed at length since.

It would seem that some members of James 315’s little band of delightful individuals have been banned; so, if that is indeed the case, it becomes apparent that constantly interrupting and disrupting people’s enjoyment of PVE is harassment.

Now, the thing is, a decent human being would never consider spending their in-game time doing things to achieve no more than ruining the enjoyment of others and thus would never be at risk of straying into anything approaching harassment.

Only people with serious real life mental problems would enjoy such a past time, and this is backed up by conclusions reached in the psychiatric world.

I will not go to the bother of linking studies and articles as is the norm among those who are desperately trying to prove their intellectual prowess, rather I would just point out that such a conclusion should be obvious to anyone with an IQ that exceeds their shoe size.

CCP is finally, in the light of shrinking income sources, taking out the garbage. I for one applaud this move, and I hope more will follow.

Maybe it’s time for the griefer crowd to move on and find some other fetid pool of human waste to hang out with.

Some may accuse me of all manner of political leaning for airing such views, from leftie liberal to right-wing fanatic, care-bear whiner to grumpy old man.

Such labels do not fit and I am confident they do not.

The truth is, I am a dedicated Eve player, someone who cares about the health of my favorite pastime and wishes to be able to play this great game for years to come.

For those who dislike my views I have this to say; there are way more of us than there are of you, sunshine, and CCP knows it.

Let me address these mental pygmies directly;

You are not given guidelines because CCP does not want customers who need them.

Just as they do not want their customer base depleted by your bush lawyer approach to the EULA. You have no guidelines because you do not deserve them, as you should not need them.

You are not wanted in this game by the majority of the community, you are not welcome, and, thus,

you can just sod off.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



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