Four Hundred

Our corp passed quite a milestone last week, we reached over four hundred members.

Upon reflecting as to the possible reasons for the continuing growth, with little to no work being put into actively recruiting, I realized that 30Plus has achieved what CCP Seagull has made quite plain is to be their future methodology for new player intake.

Good old word of mouth, plain and simple. Tied in, of course, with current member retention.

Pretty much all of our newer members have arrived via referral from existing membership.

That does beg the question, though; why are our current members distributing such positive feedback?

I guess they find within our ranks like-minded, mature individuals in whose company they are free to play the game any way that they see fit.

So, here’s a few things that our members have said are reasons they think so highly of our corp.

1. NO RULES. As our group has a minimum age limit of thirty years old, there is no need for any established set of rules. The simple, all-encompassing guideline is, to treat each other with respect and the dignity they deserve. The rest of the items highlighted below are all a result of this principle.

2. NO YELLING OVER SHIP LOSSES. Just as there is no room for thirteen year old nose pickers, there is absolutely no room for ego’s. Our attitude towards ship losses and the deep rouge tint of our kill-board are more than enough to rid our ranks of any who may have concerns about such issues.

Whilst it is true that there are a few among us who have plenty of PVP capability, they have learned to focus on their own stats and largely keep their opinions to themselves. This too, is maturity, as far as I can discern.

3. DO WHAT YOU WANT, HOW YOU WANT & WHEN YOU WANT. This one actually takes a while for new members to get used to, and considering the rather unbalanced nature of most corp leadership in Eve, that’s not something that should be too hard to understand.

Naturally, adherence to the alliance rules handed down from above does put a constraint on this, but that only takes a modicum of common sense to understand.

4. NO COMPULSORY PVP, EVER. This is, for many of our members, the clincher. Contrary to what I consider to be the delusions of a minority, Eve Online is not a PVP game. I agree that it is, as some have already mentioned, a PVE game with some PVP content.

Any reasonable person would have to conclude that, in comparison to actual pure PVP games, Eve can be, and indeed has been, played by many with no PVP content at all. Unless we want to play ludicrous semantics, my docking up when neuts are reported three jumps out and toddling off to play tanks for a bit does not constitute PVP. My nearly five-year old ratting Machariel is ample testament to the fact that PVP is very easily avoided in this game.

Subsequently, there are many people out there who wish to do some PVE for a spare hour or two and log off. If the presence of hostile entities precludes that, it is no different to the server being down or lag being unmanageable in alternative games. They simply go and watch TV instead.

Thus, we place our members under no compulsion to PVP if they don’t wish to. Anyone who may make derogatory comments about this will usually be told that perhaps this is not the corp for them.

5. FLAT TAX RATE AND TITHING FOR MINING. I remember the first time I was asked by a potential recruit if we had a flat monthly charge for membership, on top of our tax. Such a thing is either compensation for poor financial management of a corp, or pure and simple scraping. The only reason the corp needs money is to pay for infrastructure and rent, that’s it. As the membership grows, more funds are becoming available. The use of these funds is above my pay grade, but they are openly accounted for (hello N3) and will most likely be used to fund free ships to go and lose.

So, those five things are the main reasons I hear for our excellent growth and member retention.

Now, let’s be real about this, our membership is a small drop in the vast ocean that is CCP revenue, and they are focused on turning Eve into something within which the majority of our members will not be comfortable, as far as I can see.

I’m sure, under their ‘HTFU’ (charming little phrase, says a lot to more civilized people, does it not?) policy, that we shouldn’t be in null-sec and should go to high-sec.

Except, of course, that the current state of null-sec is actually far more hospitable than the open sewer of high-sec.

However, if we cannot adjust to the coming changes to null-sec, which, let’s face it, will be designed to rid null-sec of people like us, then I’m sure we will come up with a workaround.

After all, the sandbox has always proven to be open to adjustment and misuse in the past, has it not?

Let’s face it, the CFC has previously circumvented CCP’s plans to re balance null-sec and open it to smaller alliances by adopting the rental method of gaining income when the tech nerf happened.

This suits us just fine, for the moment. So, when CCP finally release their adjustments to null-sec, either our landlords are able to adjust things to accommodate folks like us or we go somewhere else and adjust it ourselves.

One thing’s for sure, if Eve Online actually turns around and becomes even more hostile to those who prefer to avoid PVP, I sincerely hope the changes bring back old players and or bring in loads of new players.

They’ll need them, desperately.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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