An Enlightening Interview

I would encourage everyone to have a listen to this interview with CCP Seagull and CCP Manifest: Here

It was an eye opener for me, I have to say. To hear from the folks at CCP themselves, especially as to the condition of the game, was encouraging.

So, I will begin with an apology, to CCP, for my ragging on them in previous posts. All in good fun, yes. Accurate? No.

CCP Seagull sounds like someone who has her feet on the ground and her eye on the big picture; no sugar-coating, no spin. Eve Online is broken and we intend to fix it.

In particular, to hear CCP Seagull’s opinion that, no, she is not happy with the current condition of the game and also that she doesn’t think there is a single panacea to correct that situation was very encouraging to me.

For null-sec residents, there’s literally tons of good listening towards the back half of the interview.

Seagull was very vocal on the need to make changes to the whole spectrum of structures,corporations and alliance systems to enable smaller groups to have a chance of a foothold in sov null-sec.

She also mentioned making a turn away from the current sov grind to a system where leaders would have to keep many players engaged in smaller, fun activities to keep a firm grip on their pocket of space.

She acknowledged that a lot of this fixing, in particular star-base stuff, requires long-term work within the old code itself to implement what they envision for the future. It sounds like a major headache, to say the least.

In the meantime, they are trying to roll out patching to the very worst systems in regard to this, as in the Odyssey fixes to star-bases.

Delivery of the full vision is going to take a long time, but they are not going to leave the current state of affairs as it is, but implement a ‘fix what we can’ approach in the meantime.

All this was wonderful to hear, a ground up restoration of the core of the game, bravo!

Then they moved on to the new player experience.

In a nut shell? They are not that interested in getting new players from the NPE alone, rather relying on the existing players to bring in new customers.

They would rather see new players moved to null-sec and other areas by player corps.


Okay, that’s shifted the whole mind-set, hasn’t it?

High-sec is really on the back burner, it would seem. Hardly mentioned it, for the most part.

Eve Online is to remain a small, specialized and tightly focused PVP game, griefers are welcome to come and blow up noobs at their leisure, driving away what I see as potential customers, but what CCP sees as undesirables who will simply leave in the long-term.

Fair enough then.

In the future, I will take this to heart and focus on what may be needed to find the right people in high-sec and get them into the other parts of the game.

To continue to push for a better high-sec experience and expand the player base that way is now obviously a waste of my time.

I don’t waste my time for free, so that’s it from me on cleaning up high-sec.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



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