Killing Dora

I have often voiced the opinion that there is not enough tolerance in Eve and, although that remains my view, I practice certain things that, on the surface at least, would seem to be somewhat contradictory to my own philosophy.

One of the latest activities that I am currently equipping myself for is to go about the systematic hunting and murdering of some of the neutral explorers that regularly avail themselves of the relic and data sites that dot our little area of The Goonier Western Co-conspiracy Sphere.

I won’t go into details; the fact that three men and a dog are the only regular visitors to this humble site doesn’t change the fact that I would rather avoid the possibility of tipping off anyone by accident.

The question remains though, why would such a mild-tempered, kind and tolerant gent like myself go around blowing up fairly harmless folk who are, after all, just trying to earn a living?

Well, let me explain. As my 25% canine readership would already appreciate, I am a member of a renter corp.

We pay a hefty monthly invoice that means the systems we fund are ours to use in any we see fit, apart from the construction of very big and impressive spaceshippy things.

As some tenants found out recently, the administration tends to look askance at anyone practicing that particular activity.

So, if I rented a tomato farm and John Smith down the road was in the habit of jumping the fence without asking and swiping himself a few red fruits for his lunch, him receiving a load of rock-salt and nails in the left buttock on his way out would be fair recompense, would it not?

That’s one reason; coming into our space and running our sites for us is something we tend to take a fairly dim view of.

The second reason is given witness to by a classic piece of  Australian scenery.

The visitor to our fair land could be forgiven for thinking that all our rural road signs are made of a popular alpine dairy food; perforated as they are by everything from .22 rifles to .444 elephant guns.

This is probably down to the fact that, while it is true that many of the wild animals in Australia are fairly lethal, that doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

Add to that the fact that Texas fits geographically seven times into the state of Queensland alone and you can understand why shooting the local wildlife population can be problematic and why road signs often bear the brunt of the resultant frustration.

It also explains why the culling of feral animal populations in Australia is often done from a helicopter.

To put it simply, guns and boredom are a bad combination.

PVE in Eve is pretty boring. We have spaceships, those spaceships have guns; I’m sure you can work out the rest of the equation for yourself.

The funny thing is, just like the gankers that often roam around our way, many of these people get quite upset when we blow up their toys and send them home the really quick way.

One guy who recently wandered into the middle of our real estate, having already caused the usual docking up of all the bling and mining ships from five jumps out, then proceeded to stay in our main system, now filled with all manner of nasty high-tech hardware piloted by fairly miffed corp members, and start a relic site as if he was in high-sec.

He was fairly new to the game, but he was experienced enough to be in a T2 covert-ops frigate.

Needless to say, he was very quickly probed out, pointed, webbed, scrammed, neuted, jammed, tracking disrupted, bubbled six ways from Sunday and would have been smart bombed too, but our dear CEO was at work at the time.

Did I mention the guys were a bit annoyed at his impertinence?

Even before anyone actually thought to have mercy and shoot the hapless unarmed frigate, local was filled with venomous rage as we were informed that this was the last straw, he’d been blown up twice that day already and was now quitting the game.

This really harkens back to the previous post about the new player experience. Isn’t there somewhere in there that points out the fact that null-sec residents make their own rules?

Is there anywhere in there that mentions the meaning of Not Blue Shoot It?

No, we’re not suicide gankers, we’re not even the kind of person who takes delight in killing ships not fitted for PVP.

We’re just your average renter peasants. With lots of ISK (unusual for peasants I will grant you, but that’s the viewpoint of many null-sec PVP’ers, bless their little cotton socks), time and ships with guns.

Indeed, neutrals in our space can always expect to be treated with exactly the same courtesy as your average tomato thief.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



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