What Potential Renter Rebellion?

Gevlon Goblin is a polarizing figure in the Eve blogosphere and for good reason. His ongoing funding of anti CFC war decs and NPC null-sec corps who gank CFC targets, along with his endless anti CFC diatribes, have won him some fans and a plethora of enemies.

I for one have my doubts as to the veracity of his ramblings. As an enemy he is negligible, but if he were to prove to be an elaborate troll after all this time and all that typing then he has my admiration.

His latest direction is quite amusing, though. Again, as a troll, it has some entertainment value. As a sincere effort to promote discord within the ranks of the CFC renters, though, it is sadly misguided.

As a member of one of the largest corps in the CFC renter alliance, I have the inside running on his latest direction.

With this privileged insight, I have to say that this one is even more of a waste of time than the high sec war decs.

Those have proved extremely efficacious for all member corps as a means of practical instruction to their members about the dos and don’ts of high sec.

Nothing instructs like loss, no teacher is more effective than an auto-cannon or a blaster and we don’t even have to pay for the ships or the ammo that are consumed in the process.

This is one of the reasons why I suspect my dear countryman of actually being a Goon troll (that and the fact that his blog avatar could easily be a picture of a troll and not a goblin, if you bother to Google it). However, I digress.

Is it possible to stir up enough resentment amongst renters to cause a disturbance, or even an outright rebellion?

The answer, which is obvious enough to again suspect a troll is no, of course not. Most will immediately understand why; indeed, I’m sure all my fellow renters have no reason to read further (though they are welcome to do so).

Renting is a simple business transaction that is voluntarily entered into by the renter corp.They are there because they want to be, no other reason.

The better renter corps will have their tax rate set to capture the requisite rent needed from their ratters, with a proper tithing system and maybe a buy back scheme set up to capture the same from their miners.

They don’t resent the rent they pay, and why would they? Most of them are older players who have already been through the sov warfare grind and would rather leave that to those with the inclination, the time and the ability to endure endless sanctimonious abuse from FC’s with the mental age of a fifteen year old.

If the renter corps of one coalition/alliance don’t like the conditions, they are under no compulsion to stay and many don’t. There are always plenty of available systems out there to be had and the CFC has the least available of them all.

Actually, let’s just touch on that for a minute, shall we?

It’s been pointed out before that the limited amount of systems available and the ban on super-cap building make the CFC space the least attractive and this is somewhat true, but only somewhat.

Ironically, of all three of the main renter groups, the CFC is the one with the best organization and structure (no real surprises there), the best efficiency and services and, most importantly, a very professional attitude.

That last one is the important one that the others are somewhat lacking in.

As I have mentioned before, most renters are older players who have been through the whole sov warfare thing. So, to treat them as a lesser being is counterproductive to nurturing a good working relationship with them.

The only disrespectful attitude I have ever received from others in our current alliance was from a renter corp that (rather puzzlingly) left the best system in our area to us (thank you very much) and joined a PVP alliance.

Naturally, some of them felt they were moving up in the world and developed some serious e-peen problems while we were moving into their system and laughing our backsides off at them.

Aside from that little episode, courtesy and common decency are upheld and enforced very well and whilst it is true that the alliance has lost some membership, it appears to be a matter of quality over quantity; which always pays dividends in the long run.

So, to try to cause subversion amongst renters is going to hurt the CFC renter alliance the least of all of them because, say what you will and I am no big fan, the CFC is the best run business in the game.

Renters are pragmatic people above all else; they pay to play the game the way they wish and are amongst the wealthiest individual pilots in Eve. How on Earth is anyone going to stir them to partake of sov warfare, perhaps the worst part of the game?

It’s a bit like knocking on the door of a wealthy executive and asking him to foment a rebellion against the company that pays his exorbitant salary and provides him with a great home, car and working conditions.

Gevlon’s direction with this is either so completely skewed as to be pointing the gun at himself, or a beautifully crafted piece of advertising that he should forever be proud of.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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