After a twelve month hiatus from this blog, I feel the urge to return to writing about Eve.

However, my intent has changed. In the past, I have worked as a technical writer for a few different companies. Several times, I have put together guides and so forth for the corps I have been a member of, which have generally been fairly well received.

So I shall be posting guides here on a regular basis, in an attempt to give back to the game and its players some of what I have gained from them. The next post is a guide I wrote a few weeks back for another site, however it was rejected. As a  full time writer now, that is something one must acclimatize to; par for the course, so to speak.

Since this blog went dark, I have had a four-month break from Eve. I have been back in the game for some time now, having finally found the best corp in Eve bar none, for me. Those last two words are a qualifier, though.

We must never forget that Eve can be played so many different ways that any person pointing to another player and saying, “You’re doing it wrong” can instantly be classified as a neck-bearded mouth breathing basement dwelling half-wit.

No insult intended, since when have I ever upset anyone by categorization? Ahem.

My corp has a strict age limit requirement, you must be over thirty years of age. It is an eye opener, to say the least. To describe the atmosphere of this group of people, it is easiest to list what is missing:

No compulsory PVP participation whatsoever. Seriously, that one alone flies in the face of what Eve supposedly stands for, according to some.

No swearing, offensive or obscene language on comms or in chat. Really? In Eve? Wherefore art though, potty mouthed porn linking insult spewing FC’s of my past?

No disrespectful or racial slurs anywhere. It’s enough to give a teenager an aneurism, isn’t it?

No rules, save to show respect to one another and consider how your use of your freedom may impinge on your fellow members. Really? How on Earth does anyone know what to do?

Do what you want, when you want; taking into account the guidelines listed above. You mean we have to (gulp) use our imagination?

Show maturity and respect for our host alliance (we rent three systems). Yes folks, we are the bane of Eve that threatens to tear the heart out of the time space continuum by our putrid presence.

So, how is this working out for us? Are we struggling to find people who fit this ethos? Do we contend with continuous frustration of our wishes due to the hostile environment of the sand pit?

Umm, no.

Currently, we are sitting at 330+ membership and growing at an alarming rate.

Where the devil are all these misfits coming from? How on Earth does Eve have so many people playing it who fly in the face of accepted reason and the ferocity of griefers, gankers, cloaky campers, war deccers, scammers, corp thieves and awoxers?

The awful and inconvenient truth is, they’ve always been there. The second awful and inconvenient truth is that they have survived despite every effort of CCP to eradicate them from the game via mechanics that favour more hostile mentalities because they are damned good at playing this game.

Their way.

That is the beautiful part that thrills me. Despite the strenuous efforts of nose picking basement dwelling fifteen year olds the world over to drive them from the game, they’re still here and in significant numbers.

The funny part is, many of our guys have played this game since its early beginnings and are wealthy, experienced and not going anywhere else. As a recruiter, I am regularly doing API checks on characters with over 100 million skill points.

So we’re a bunch of old farts who rat and mine mindlessly all day and are easy pickings for the gangs and campers that abound in renter space, yeah?

Not quite, no. If we are camped, we rat and mine in groups, except for the lone miners and ratters who have cloaked Falcons, Arazus and Rapiers sitting next to them.If a gang is reported by our cloaked scouts, there is a mad scramble to dock and re-ship, ready to greet our visitors. It’s the polite thing to do.

Many of our members enjoy PVP more than the average care-bear. Thus, they love the challenge of nailing a camper or taking on a roaming gang when they come through.

In fact, that’s the weird thing. Despite the total lack of any compulsion to PVP, the majority of our guys usually do. Due to the adequate level of personal income they generate for themselves, combined with their ability to fly pretty much any ship in the game, they love to get out there and learn all about it.

The results can be hilarious sometimes; one of our more tactically minded members asking that with the amount of damage we do to each other during a fight, did we really need the presence of hostiles at all?

I myself am an excellent proponent of this art, even putting good damage on our CEO once because I forgot I was remote sensor boosting him. I’m sure the neutral was grateful for the point, webs and drones I put on our hapless leader as he tried to engage.

In all honesty, most of the ships we lose are not blown up. Due to the encroachments of age, we simply can’t remember where we’ve left them.

So, there you have it, the strangest corp in Eve. Full of misfits, people who are determined to play Eve the wrong way, mainly because it so annoys the youngsters.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



18 responses to “Re-activation

  1. Welcome back – look forward to reading your guides. There are a few corps around like you have described – glad you have found an enjoyable home within EVE.


  2. So the combined player age of your corporation is over 10.000 years?

    No mandatory pvp ops means players can focus on earning isk. Once you have enough isk you start to look for a way to make use of it, e.g. pvp.
    What region are you located in? Or what npc type can be found locally besides drones?


    • Not sure what you mean about our player age, I’m afraid. We have at least four members in their sixties.
      I think the willingness to PVP is certainly linked to the availability of ISK to lose. One of the biggest problems certain alliances face is the dodgy SRP programs that take months to pay back pilots for losses. That combined with immature leadership methods discourage and alienate line members.
      One of the reasons for our members suicidal willingness to PVP is almost certainly the fact that they have ISK to throw away.
      As to our region, a little research in game should yield satisfactory results.


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