Yesterday’s post garnered a reply from EveHermit, in which he states the following:

I could be wrong, but I don’t see large numbers of extra players mining in Null after these changes. It is not a relaxing past time outside of Empire, and it is too easily disrupted. The super caps will still need loads of low ends exported from Empire. If I am wrong, then alliances will have to let in more miners and run frequent large protected mining ops. If they get their super-caps from this effort, good on them, and well played CCP.

(Or maybe I haven’t looked at the numbers right on just how good the buff is…)

I was replying to this comment and realised the answer was probably worthy of its own post, so here it is.

Firstly, thank you very much EH, for taking the time to give me an excellent answer.

Actually, I agree with you that there may not be heaps of new players move to null-sec because of these changes, you are quite right; the risk involved will not be attractive to many new miners looking to move to null (especially when you consider that the sites will soon be on D-scan).

However, these are not the ones who will benefit from this change, and they simply won’t be needed anyway.

My issue is not whether these changes are good or not, I think they are a vast improvement.

It’s the side effect of super-cap construction getting a monstrous shot in the arm that I am concerned about.

That’s what I think it is, a side effect; I’m not tin-foil hatting here, not saying this is a deliberately produced effect.

If you look at these changes without considering this issue, it will be a great thing, null becomes more independent, wars will almost certainly break out and exhumers will probably litter shallow sov null-sec space with their wrecks.

I did a little asking around this morning, it seems I’m right about the benefits to cap producers, according to them, at least.

I was chatting to a couple of mates who are cap builders today and they were ecstatic about the buffs to null sec low ends.
One of them, when asked how he felt, just replied, “you wanna buy a cap?”
When they looked at the numbers, both told me that there will be pretty much no need for high sec low ends at all in null sec.
As to the safety of null sec mining, I have witnessed first hand how mining ops are done in the designated industrial areas of the coalitions.

To put it bluntly, they aren’t done, not very much at all. There’s simply no need.
Just one guy I was in a corp with used to run two computers, six accounts on four screens with a Rorqual and five Hulks (this is before the recent exhumer buffs, of course, he probably runs Mackinaws now, so the Rorqual stays in the POS all the time).
We used to laugh because he would mine three to four days at a time, eating at the desk with short breaks for sleep.

Put three guys like that together and there’s your mining op, 15 to 18 exhumers plus one Rorqual.
I don’t think people are really cognizant of null sec indy pilots and how they operate.
They make very little noise about what they do, or how wealthy they are. They are generally older guys (usually single for one reason or another – sometimes Eve is the reason) who have played for years.

I hate to break it to all the PVP’ers out there, these guys just LOVE to mine, but you won’t kill them.

Sure, not many (including myself) would consider mining in the fashion described above as a good way to get your jollies, but there is a quiet group of guys out there who see this activity as the most fun you can have with your pants on.
The trouble is, while I recognise that putting the sites on D-scan may make mining riskier, once again it will not affect the big boys, safe in their faraway dead-end systems; whilst the smaller alliances (yet again) will not be able to take huge advantage of the changes.

Don’t forget, mining yield from grav sites is not dependent on true sec, any system can be upgraded and worked until it hits maximum.

So, aside from Gurista’s space (jammers are a pain in the arse for miners), you can put your designated mining system anywhere you want.

So, when EH says the following: “It [mining] is not a relaxing past time outside of Empire, and it is too easily disrupted.”  – I have to disagree.

I’m afraid that is probably your (and many others) experience of null-sec mining, but it is not mine, not at all.

Take a look at Dotlan, check out the home areas of some of the big boys and have a look at how far a gang would have to fly through red space to get there.

There seems to be this grand misconception that null-sec is this dark, ebil place that kills its residents with monotonous regularity.

Sorry, but no. When I was last in null-sec, I used to take a cloaky hauler to high sec once or twice a week.

It was always only when I got back to null-sec that I relaxed and felt truly safe.

If you live in the right part, with the right people, sov null-sec is as safe as Eve gets, truly it is.

I would think the right people will be only too happy to accept as many old-timer indy pilots as they can get, considering these changes.

The old-timer indy pilots I know are as happy as can be, and where do you think they will go?

Ask yourself this; if all the thousands of pilots in the BBD aren’t traveling the huge distances to get a fight (been there done that, it’s a fact) just what ARE they doing? Hmmm?

I think the industrial wings of the major players are going to be recruiting like mad come the expansion, don’t you?


One response to “Elaboration

  1. Nullsec mining is safe. The only disruption is from cloaky hotdroppers hanging around. Not much you can do against that right now.
    I think we will see only a small increase in null miners but most importantly they will get a huge boost to their yields.

    200 Arkonor used to give 300 trit, 166 zydrine and 333 megacyte for about 1 million of value. Arkanor will now give 10.000 tritanium per 200
    200 Bistot used to give 170 pyerite, 341 zydrine and 170 megacyte for about 800k isk. Bistot will now give 12.000 pyerite per 200
    250 Crokite used to give 331 tritanium, 331 noxcium and 663 zydrine for about 750k isk. Crokite will now give 38.000 tritanium per 250

    So it’s only about 20% increase in isk per hour at best but that 38.000 free tritanium you are getting now was worth 15-20 minutes of mining to a high sec miner and no longer needs to be moved by jump freighter.


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