I must have missed something, really, I must have.

I’ve read through this, all 13 pages of it, more than once and no-one has mentioned it.

Naturally, I read the actual Dev blogs, too.

It hit me straight away, and yet I think I must be in error, as no-one has mentioned it, at all.

Normally, I am a sarcastic git of the first water; this time though, no sarcasm intended – none at all.

See, when I was in null sec last, (about 3 months ago, I think) the corp I was a member of was involved in construction of super-capitals to add to the Big Blue Donut Fleet of Sov Grinding Supremacy.

By far the biggest issue for anyone bolting together one of these pieces of sov-grinding equipment was the gathering of all the minerals together.

I know for a fact that Mini-luv were always very quick to gank neutral freighters with certain modules and ammo types filling their holds, as this was the best way to transport super-cap materials via mineral compression and thus destroying the oppositions freighters with their super mins in was a no-brainer.

“But hang on Blastie,” some may say, “why didn’t they just mine all the minerals in null sec?”

Because, my dear high-seccy type person, whilst being replete with a comprehensive range of the ABC ores that make miners go all giddy and wobbly at the knees, null sec is very light on the low end ores, of which absolute truck loads are required to make a lovely, shiny “Sov Grinder 3000 Turbo Plus”.

Now, while the developing thread-naught is full of care-bear tears, mainly whining that it will kill high sec mining or discussing numbers revolving around manufacturing in stations, there is absolutely no mention of the fact that construction of super-capitals is about to get a turbocharger and a bottle of NOS fitted to it.

I admit that I am no expert, just a humble sub-cap nobody; so it must be that I am missing something here.

Why the hell would CCP deliberately give the proliferation of super-caps a massive kick in the backside like this?

If I actually have it right here, then the changes to moon-goo mean absolutely dick.

Mittens will be laughing so hard he will be in very real danger of apoplexy and I shall end up flying over to Vikingiavik with my dog, so it can piss on Hilmar’s model tree collection.

The Big Blue Donut, who already have overwhelming numbers of these things, will easily be able to replace any that may be lost as they conquer whatever space is needed to keep things as they are, regardless of where the Vikings put the new resources.

So, I beg you, dear reader, point out to me why this is not the case, please!

Shooting my reasoning down in flames will be the greatest kindness you could ever do for me, as I was hoping that we might see an end to the stupefying boredom of sovereignty null sec.



One response to “Superduper

  1. I could be wrong, but I don’t see large numbers of extra players mining in Null after these changes. It is not a relaxing past time outside of Empire, and it is too easily disrupted. The super caps will still need loads of low ends exported from Empire. If I am wrong, then alliances will have to let in more miners and run frequent large protected mining ops. If they get their supercaps from this effort, good on them, and well played CCP.

    (Or maybe I haven’t looked at the numbers right on just how good the buff is…)


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