So, the main part of the CSM silly season is over, therefore – LO! A wild Blastie appears!

Just in time to read this little piece.

After giving us various reasons for shooting PVE’ers in high sec over the past months, from “because they’re there” to “BOTS! BOTS! they’re all BOTS!!”, little Jimmy has finally come clean and (brace yourself) told the truth.

Now it wasn’t that hard, was it, Jimmy my little fruit cup, hmmm?

Aside from the obvious (that is, why didn’t you just tell us in the first place?), I would be keen to know the reason for the sudden reformation of Jimmy’s decision-making paradigm.

Probably the main reason, I suppose, would be the very real possibility of him fading from the limelight after losing all credibility (I never gave him any anyway, but hey ho) by withdrawing from the CSM election.

We all know how fond Jimmy is of the spotlight, after all.

So, at the very least, it gave him an excuse for three pages of verbosity that can be summed up in three words –  what it boils down to is the very same reason most Eve players do whatever it is they do; to make ISK.

It turns out that killing high sec miners returns the best risk versus reward in the high sec ganking stakes.

No kidding, huh?

Of course, there is the possibility that this post from Jimmy is a response to this one from our good friend Mabrick.

I think that Mabrick has a good point. I’m quite sure there will be those who take offense at his illustration of someone abducting and killing a child, but that is to be expected in this waah-waah, “he said the word!” age.

Certainly, the same reason he gives for his irritation is one that usually gets a rise from me, occasionally the ganky set seem to feel that shooting PVE’ers is some kind of mission from God.

If some Eve players choose to PVE, they should be punished for their temerity by being blown up on a regular basis; this will teach them that Eve is real and yes, undocking is permission to be PVP’ed.

This is rubbish, of course.

They are rather miffed at the systems CCP has lately put in place to help PVE’ers avoid making themselves such easy prey. Indeed, the ninja community is all but dead, along with their can flipping counterparts.

All they can do is war dec PVE’ers to try for kills, or kill miners.

To be honest, I didn’t care about ninjas when they were around, they added a little diversion from the routine of missions on the odd occasion they appeared.

I don’t often mine in high sec, it isn’t worth it, to be blunt. Therefore, I’ve never even seen a can flipper.

The struggle the ganky set are having with all of the above is typical for people who have the narrow-minded viewpoint that they are the only ones with the right opinion and all opposition should be liquidated.

I can’t help seeing these individuals in the same light as I see members of  The Christian Right, a group of folks who seem to have a problem resolving their methodology with their beliefs; my own understanding is that the bible seems to have a pretty dim outlook on those that get involved in politics in the first place, but whatever turns them on, I guess.

Why is it such a struggle for the gankers to comprehend that PVP may not suit all Eve players?

“Then they shouldn’t play Eve at all!” they cry, “They should go back to WoW!”

Listen up, boof-heads; I play Eve both ways, so bite yer bum. It depends on my time availability and various external factors.

I quite enjoy PVP, but it doesn’t suit me, most of the time.

It may come as a shock to some out there, but many of the PVE set out there have PVP’ed and many do BOTH.

Unlike your good selves, however, they are not so thrilled by it that they can no longer PVE because of the contrast in excitement levels.

So, I have a question for all of Jimmy’s slavering and drooling followers; how is the way I (or anybody else for that matter) play Eve any of your business?

If you can’t make it your business, tough.

If CCP has made it harder for you to do this, that’s tough too.

If you can’t get your jollies blowing up people who are weaker and can’t fight back in Eve, maybe it’s you that needs to go back to WoW, huh?



One response to “Clarity

  1. I have to say that was one of the more sane pieces James315 has ever written. I still had to smile while reading your post. Seriously, I really couldn’t care less if highsec became safer, although I have the idea that it really didn’t become that much more safe anyway. The highest numbers of kills each day (barring big battles in nullsec) still happen in the major market hubs.

    These days there are quite a number of people using new methods. Suspect flag baiting being one of the most common I have seen happening. I guess some people just don’t want to adapt to a new tactic and complain about their old ways not working anymore as they were used to.

    I could care, but I am no carebear 😉


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