This is not a blow by blow run down on the promised Odyssey expansion. If you want to check out a good one of those, pop on over to Eveoganda, where RJ has done a lovely summation on it.

I just want to focus in on the so called “Spacescape” re-balance.

I think many have missed what’s missing, instead they are getting excited by what’s there. It’s an old political trick to throw up a thousand different subjects for discussion, hoping the omission of the point that counts will go unnoticed in the melee that follows.

Rixx and a few others have pointed out how good it would be if moon goo was shifted around, doubtless thinking that it might break up the Technetium cartel. However, the thing that’s missing means the big coalitions will gain control of the Tech wherever it ends up.

Re-balancing null sec resources is like shifting the deck chairs around on the Titanic while the ship is already listing and the band is already playing that tune, you know the one.

Come on, though, what’s missing?

The reference to balancing of resources “from high sec to null sec” has got many all a quiver with anticipation, but not me; I can see what’s missing, can you?

What is the thing that totally negates the movement of resources in null sec?

What helps the coalitions in forgetting for a minute that they “hate structure grinding” and going and conquering whatever they bloody well please that might end up giving better income?

Let’s just ignore the whole “high sec pays too well” propaganda bullshit that is so low-grade even my eleven year old would be unconvinced.

If CCP stun everyone by actually improving high sec income, all that would achieve is to make James 315 transform from crybaby ganker into an accidental prophet.

The coalitions would simply fill high sec with the alt army that is supposedly already there but isn’t.

No, no, no. The one thing that gives the big guys their power, a power that makes them damn near immune to whatever CCP come up with that may retard their growth and inexorable grip on Eve’s starry throat is not even mentioned.

It’s been talked about throughout the blogosphere so much so that there now remains naught but a tired silence over the subject, we can only protest so much before we get weary, worn down and out by the stony silence that greets every protestation uttered.

Have you figured it out yet?

The sad thing about it is that CCP never meant to unleash the monster; they had no idea that the fledgling in the nest, that seemed such a good idea at the time, was actually a Cuckoo that would kill everything that stood in its way as it grew.

There was only meant to be a very small number in the game, no one dreamed that one day coalitions would be able to field thousands of the bloody things.

So why won’t CCP do anything about it?

I want Hilmar to do this:

Stop staring at your plastic model tree collection for a minute and go and stand in front of a mirror.

Now look yourself straight in the eye and say this –

“Supercapital proliferation is not a problem.”

Maybe you should say it ten times over or something, nice and loudly too.

One day old mate, you’re going to drag your eyes away from your 1:100 scale model Redwood and look in your mirror.

And you’re going to see Mittens staring back, and he’ll be laughing.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


2 responses to “Semantics

  1. To be honest I would be happy for CCP to leave Supercaps, their power and numbers relatively un-nerfed. What I would like to see is changing the Sovereignty mechanics so that Supercap’s can’t have as big an impact as they do now.


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