It’s really pleasant to see we have not lost our good friend and high brow blogger Mord Fiddle.

His latest post is, as always, extremely bold and insightful. Sadly, I believe it’s all too correct as well.

If you haven’t read it, please do; it is beholden upon all Eve bloggers to publicise this issue as much as possible, so get writing.

With a broad view of all the variables in the ether at the moment, taking into account the Farms and Fields campaign, Jimmy and the boys, the cold war and sundry other details such as Asakai; one cannot help but arrive at the destination Mord has pointed to.

The influence that Mittens now holds in his hot little hands is a very real potential threat to the future of New Eden as a whole.

He has, however, very kindly made it obvious where he sees the largest threat to his kingdom of dirt:

High sec.

Now, I bet at least a few of you were thinking I’d say HBC; you were, weren’t you?

You did read ALL of Mord’s post, right?

HBC is not a real threat and I’m not going to cut and paste from Mord’s blog to explain why, suffice it to say he’s dead right about that situation, HBC is a cardboard bogey man.

We can expect to see them rolled up like an old rug if they dare step out of line.

Mittens is a wily and very experienced politician, he knows the only real competition to his choke-hold on New Eden comes from high security space, which is why he’s been so ardently pursuing the nerfing of it all.

I believe his error lies in making it plain to all but the most simple-minded as to what he’s afraid of.

Luckily for him, there’s plenty of angst against high sec dwellers for him to draw support from. Couple that to the fact that those displaying the most hatred of the dreaded “Care-bear” are for the most part not the brightest bulbs in the hardware and you have a ready-made mob of angry protesters, bricks and placards at the ready.

His lovely painting of high sec as being full of “null sec alts” AFK mining and botting missions is the classic old “lie told often and loudly” approach to propaganda that works so well on the general populace.

He has a distinct advantage here, as most of those he’s preaching to have never lived in null sec and are blissfully unaware of the obscene amount of income to be gained there. Thus the preposterous argument that null sec people need to AFK mine or bot  in high sec is gotten away with.

He cannot allow so many people to happily play Eve the way they want to in high sec, for if he allows that to carry on as is then his kingdom becomes less relevant; CCP will totally lose interest in null sec if nearly all their income continues to come from high sec.

The casual player will get a strong foothold, thus ensuring many monies will be gotten there and guess where all the attention will go?

No, this will not suit his aims at all.

So, what are his aims?

That is something I for one cannot discern fully.

I doubt his very political removal from the position of chairman of the CSM has been forgotten, indeed the stand that Jimmy and the boys have; that they still recognise Mittens as chairman, indicates his feelings on this quite adequately.

Doubtless greed and a lust for power (even over a cartoon spaceship empire) are prime motivators too.

Let’s not forget that the obvious existence of RMT botting in deep null space may play a part; especially when one considers CCP’s rabid approach to the eradication of the same and, suddenly, the implication of actual cash involvement makes things a bit more real, doesn’t it?

People may be dismissive of all of this; derisive comments of tin-foil hattery will doubtless abound.

Just remember this, though; whilst I am not a subscriber to conspiracy theories in general, the official stories are generally fiction too.

The truth lies somewhere in between, always.

So, what do you think?

Where is Mittens going with all this?

It’s all in the mind, you know.


3 responses to “Foreboding

  1. I really hope (and still believe) in CCP to not fall for that propaganda stuff of nerving high sec. Mitten stated somewhere that he thinks with media he can get more influence on ccp than with CSM position so he doesn’t run for one. But the influence hopefully stays low.

    All this Farms and Fields stuff is meant to bring many minions to a few grand masters of eve. We don’t need a build in “rent your space” system, we need one where small entities can fight for and live in without being stomped out by S-Cap fleets in the numbers of there max. fleet size. All done within 3 or 4 specific times where the big one will be present and never seen again there after.

    Luckily the game world not only has some high up demi-gods who want to rule it all but some “real” gods (namely devs and game design) who see the greater picture of it.


  2. I think CCP understands their game better than anybody gives them credit for. They may lose touch once in a while, but they always come back around.

    This coalition business can’t last forever.


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